How To Make Cheap and Easy Champagne Truffles

Occasions like birthday parties, weddings, New Year’s celebrations and Valentine’s Day celebrations call for great treats and gifts. Champagne truffles are expensive but they are cheaper if homemade. Making cheap and easy champagne truffles at home have an added benefit: you will be more loved by the gift recipient, as they will feel very special that you took the time to make these yourself.

Prepare the following:

  1. Get hold of a box of spice cake mix and a box of dark chocolates. It is suggested that you use Duncan Hines. Buy champagne; a great brand for this recipe is Martini&Rossi Asti Spumanti, 17500ml. You'll also a box of chocolate.  You will melt these for dipping.
  2. Crumble and mix well the spice cake mix and the dark chocolates in a very large bowl.
  3. Empty ¼ of the champagne slowly over the crumbs. Cover the bowl tightly and keep overnight in the fridge. Add another ¼ of the bottle over the crumbs; again, keep the mixture overnight in the fridge. Repeat the procedure two more times for two more nights, or until the whole bottle has been emptied into the cake mixture. You will now have a mixture with a thick consistency, and is slightly moist.
  4. Roll the cake mixture into meatball size chunks. Coat them in confectioner's sugar. Chill them again by setting them in the refrigerator overnight.
  5. On the sixth day, prepare the melted chocolate and submerge the champagne balls into it. Set the balls into the fridge for a short while and serve when the chocolate is firm again. Before they become firm, you can sprinkle different shades of chocolate over them to make them look fancier.
  6. Your champagne truffles are ready for gift giving. Always include in your package a nice ribbon and a scripted card to accompany the gift.

These champagne truffles are easy to prepare. Aside from being cheap, you can save a lot of money. What makes them so expensive when you buy the ready made ones? You are paying for the time before a set is prepared. It takes six days before you can taste one of the truffles.

The ingredients can be costly, as well. Dark chocolate and some cake mixes are expensive, but you can easily replace the recommended brands with a less expensive brands if needed. However, the cost of the champagne is moderate. Other trimmings may be included in the cost. Even if you buy high-end ingredients, your savings could still be over fifty percent if you make these at home rather than buying them in a candy shop - and there's no reason why yours can't taste as fantastic, and look as nice, as the store-bought candies.  Prepare as many truffles as you can and wrap them individually in clear candy wrappers for a nice presentation.


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