How To Make Chinese Take Out

Chinese cuisine is known for its delicious taste. Chinese restaurants are usually crowded with people who love eating Chinese food. People from all over the world are familiar with Chinese dishes. In almost all countries, there is always at least one Chinatown that caters to all kinds of authentic Chinese cuisines. Diners even order extra for take-out. Some have stalls that serve Chinese food in fancy take-out boxes. You can eat from the box even while walking. That’s how convenient these take-out boxes are. So if you’re in the mood for Chinese food, make your own Chinese take-out meals.

Here are the steps on how to make Chinese take out:   

  1. Purchase Chinese take-out boxes. For a more authentic Chinese experience, get Chinese take-out boxes. These come in different colors and designs. Buy them from stores that supply Chinese products. Online stores sell them, too. These boxes are ideal for Chinese noodles and rice topping meals.
  2. Create a Chinese ambiance. Prepare the eating corner the oriental way! Setup a small table and put Chinese bowls, chopsticks and bamboo trays. Chinese kitchen wares are available in local department stores. Play Chinese music if you have it. You might find its rhythm relaxing.
  3. Plan your Chinese meal. Browse through Asian cookbooks. Choose which Chinese recipes you want to whip up. Then, write down the ingredients and head off to the local market for a Chinese market day. Get the basic Asian cooking materials like the wok and meat cleaver to make Chinese cooking easy. Don’t forget to buy sake (rice wine) or plum wine for your beverage.
  4. Cook your Chinese meal. Once you have everything you need, cook your Chinese food! Work with the cookbook as your guide. Follow the instructions carefully. You might find it tough to cook something you are not familiar with.
  5. Serve your Chinese meal. Get your Chinese take-out boxes and put in the cooked meal. Place the boxes on the low table and eat the food with your Chinese utensils. Serve tea if you do not have sake or plum wine. Chinese people also love drinking teas. Put the tea in a small kettle and serve in small cups.
  6. Serve fortune cookies. To make your meal a real authentic Chinese meal, serve fortune cookies. These cookies are traditionally served after each meal. Crack the cookies in half and get the piece of paper inside. Read your fortune silently, or have fun reading it aloud with your companion.

After eating, place the left over food in the Chinese take-out boxes. Let your friends bring the food home. Or you can also refrigerate the food. These boxes are space saving, too. Close the boxes and pile them up in the refrigerator. If you got extra take-out boxes, keep them for future use. The next time you feel like whipping up Chinese food for take-outs again, you still have something to put them into. Wash the chopsticks and keep them, too. Enjoy your meal!


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