How To Make Chocolate Milk

Need a chocolate fix but want something cold and refreshing? Try a glass of cold chocolate milk. Mixing one is easy and convenient. Chocolate milk, or choco milk, is a sweet chocolate and milk drink. There are many brands of premixed or instant chocolate milk in the market that can be purchased, including powdered mixes, or those in bottles and cartons, but these need refrigeration. Most of these mixes are ready to drink, though some need to be heated first before the mix can be made into a cold drink.

Despite the availability of premixed chocolate milk drinks in the market, making a glass of cold chocolate milk at home is still very easy and will only take a few minutes to do. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to make chocolate milk.

The ingredients for a cold glass of chocolate milk are the following: a glass of milk, 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, or 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder dissolved in warm water if chocolate syrup is not available, white sugar to taste, ice cubes, and whipped cream, sprigs of mint, strawberries, cherry, and powdered chocolate for garnish.

The first step is to pour milk into a glass. Remember not to pour milk to the rim of the glass to make room for chocolate, ice cubes, and whipped cream.

The next step is to mix the chocolate syrup or dissolved cocoa into the milk. Add more chocolate if a stronger flavor is desired. Stir milk and chocolate together.

The third step is to taste the mix. Adjust the milk and chocolate mixture and add sugar if desired. When the desired taste is acquired, add the ice cubes to the mixture. Top the chocolate milk with whipped cream for more creaminess. Garnish the drink with sprigs of mint, slices of strawberry, or a cherry on top. Sprinkle powdered chocolate on top, or squeeze several drops of chocolate syrup.

Here are more additional tips for preparing chocolate milk:

  1. Using chocolate syrup will give better results than chocolate powder. Syrup is easier to dissolve and will mix easily with milk, while powder may not dissolve in the mixture and form clumps.
  2. If the mix is lacking in taste, try to add more of each first, and then taste again until the desired combination of chocolate and milk is achieved.
  3. To make chocolate milk healthier, use low-fat syrup and healthier milks. Skim, soy, and non-fat milks are widely available and can be easily bought.
  4. For variety, add instant coffee mix into the chocolate mixture.
  5. Some people mix their drinks with a blender for better taste. As a substitute to a blender, use a clean peanut butter jar or a water bottle. Transfer the mix to the jar or bottle and shake it well to make sure that the ingredients are fully mixed together.
  6. If making more than one glass of cold chocolate milk, just use equal parts of all the ingredients.


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