How To Make Chocolate Shavings

Cupcakes with choco shavings

Chocolate shavings are one of the most commonly used garnishings for a number of dishes, desserts, and drinks. These are very tasty by themselves, but apart from the flavor that they add, these are also very useful in decorating your food and drinks. For a number of people, chocolate shavings are purchased from the grocery store. But, you can easily make your own using whatever chocolates you have lying around the house. Here’s how.

  1. Find the flat end. You can use Hershey Kisses to create the chocolate shavings. You will need to unwrap the chocolate and locate the pointed tip of the chocolate. The flat end will be used to create the shavings, while the pointed end is useful for holding the chocolate. If it is warm in your area, you can refrigerate the chocolate pieces for a few minutes so that these will harden and not melt in your hands. Make sure, however, that you do not allow the chocolates to harden too much, which might make shaving difficult.
  2. Add pressure. Next, take a spoon. You can use plastic spoons as well, but the iron spoons are more useful since these are sturdier and the edges are usually much more effective in creating the curls and shavings.  Use the scooping end and press this to the flat end of the chocolate. Add pressure, until the spoon slightly depresses the flat surface of the chocolate. Be careful, however, and avoid the chocolate from bending off. If you have refrigerated the chocolate, one problem that too much pressure can cause is cracking.
  3. Turn. Then, start rotating the spoon on the surface of the chocolate, with the same pressure as before. Do this in a counterclockwise motion. You should notice that the spoon will create small shavings from the surface of the chocolate. You can moderate the size of the shavings by adjusting the pressure on the spoon as well as the angle of the spoon on the chocolate. At first, you may not be able to sustain the rotating movements, but as you get the hang of it, you will be able to create longer and curlier chocolate shavings, similar to those that are commercially manufactured.
  4. Using the chocolate shavings. Place all of the chocolate shavings in a clean dish, preferably with a lid. This will allow you to create large batches of chocolate shavings at a time, which you can use for your drinks and various recipes. If you will store the shavings, make sure that you place these in the refrigerator and that it is kept tightly sealed. Otherwise, slight changes in temperature can melt the very thin and fragile pieces of chocolate shavings. You can also choose two or three chocolates with different flavors, to create variety in your shavings. For instance, you can combine black forest flavored chocolates, white chocolate, and black chocolate together to create a unique taste.

Go ahead and indulge in cookies, cocoa, and cakes sprinkled with chocolate shavings. Through these easy steps, stocking up on chocolate shavings is easy.


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