How To Make Christmas Candy Jars

Create Personalized and Inexpensive Candy Jars for Holiday Gift Giving

Candy cane in a jar

The holidays are coming at you like a speeding train -- remember last year? And, once again, there is so much to get done. You'll be shopping for that favorite uncle and never sure what to get him. You'll be standing in line for hours waiting to return a sweater you found out will be too small for your nephew, who grew five inches since last year. You'll be baking Aunt Shirley's cinnamon crinkles that take way too much time, but get requested every year. You are on a time schedule and every hour feels like thirty minutes.

Well, here is a wonderful solution for gift giving to teachers, employers or employees, your Secret Santa, a neighbor that has helped you throughout the year, your favorite mail person -- the list could go on forever. But don't despair, this is an evening project that you can tuck away for last-minute gifts.

You will need:

  • Canning jars with lids. There are various sizes from small to large so pick up a box of jars of your choice. Make sure you purchase the appropriate lids, which come in two pieces; the flat lid and the screw-on ring to seal the lid.
  • Candy. This is strictly your choice of what you would like to put in the jars, but some colorful, easy ideas are M&Ms or hard peppermint candies in clear wrappers. Just wander down the candy aisle in any grocery store and the choices will astound you.
  • Ribbon. This can be ribbon that you use when wrapping gifts, or cloth ribbons, "straw" ribbon or yarn found at your local fabric store.
  • Paper, holiday stickers, markers and scissors. Stickers are highly popular and you can find a variety of stickers at your local craft store -- anywhere from sentimental and traditional to silly and funky -- go with whatever you feel is appropriate for the recipient.

If you are placing unwrapped candy into the jars, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry the jars and lids. So, now you have everything lined up on the table and you are ready to build Christmas candy jars.

Begin assembly:

  1. Using the flat lid as a guide, trace circles on the paper and cut out. Set aside temporarily.
  2. Line up the jars and fill with your choices of candy. Fill to the top of each jar -- be generous, remember this is Christmas, the time of giving!
  3. Place flat lid on top of jar, then one of the circles of paper.
  4. Screw ring onto jar, which will capture both the flat lid and the circle of paper.
  5. Decorate the circle of paper with the wonderful stickers you have chosen.
  6. Wind a piece of ribbon around the top and tie in bow. Trim to your liking.
  7. Additional stickers can be added to the glass portion of the jar. It all depends on how much time you want to spend decorating these gifts.

Now that was easier than you thought, right? So head back to the grocery store and pick up more jars, lids and candy. Then enjoy the compliments, thank-yous, ooohs and aaahs you will receive this year with your gift-giving frenzy. And don't fret too much about your uncle or your nephew. They will love the candy jars too.


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Love it! Simple enough the kids can create their own gifts.

By Riley Klein