How To Make Coconut Cream from Fresh Coconut

Fresh coconut meat and milk

Coconut Cream is a very useful ingredient that is such a useful ingredient and can best mixed with different exotic dishes. Even if it is considered a fat, it is a raw one coming from a fruit, so it is not really harmful. There are four things that you need to prepare to be able to make this recipe.

First you need a coconut, a sharp and big knife to break it open and an awl to bore a hole in the coconut so that the juice will be drained. Then you also need a good kind of juicer that would help in the separation of the juice from the flesh. You can also provide for a big plastic bag to hold the contents of the coconut pieces when you break it open. Open the coconut by making a hole at the top of the coconut using the big knife and an awl. You need to drain the coconut water out of the coconut. You can do this by putting the coconut on top of a glass and let all the juice just flow out into the glass. You also need to put the coconut inside the plastic bag and break open the coconut.  There is a need to separate the white coconut meat from the brown shell. At this point you are ready to run the white coconut flesh through the juicer. The juicer will then separate the coconut into the shredded ones from the coconut cream itself.

This coconut cream is the ingredient that makes most of the dishes tasty and good to eat. You may store the coconut that had been shredded in the freezer for use later on. This is a very simple recipe that is really easy to do but would go a long way in making most of the dishes you do to be really a delight to your guest. In fact, this coconut cream can be used as an ingredient in desserts like what the people of Thailand do. It makes it all the tastier and memorable. The Thais put their coconut cream in cans but when they use it, they do not actually stir it when it is opened. They actually spoon out the thick cream on top. Then on hot days, they are able to refrigerate it so that the cream part can harden and they can easily use that in their recipes. Most of the Thais used this coconut cream in dishes such as the Satay, Yellow Chicken Curry, Spicy Crabs, Prawns and Scallops and many more.

Coconut cream can be canned, frozen and powdered. It is very convenient to use especially whenever you have guests to sample such exotic dishes. It is important at this point to know the difference between coconut cream and fresh coconut milk. The difference between coconut milk and coconut cream can be seen in the fact that fresh coconut milk, if refrigerated, and canned coconut milk can separate into two layers. The upper part is now the coconut cream and the bottom part is the one that is thin. Thus, you can use the top layer by skimming it off with a spoon and storing it or immediately cooking it and the bottom layer for those recipes that particularly ask for coconut milk.


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