How To Make Frozen Fruit Bars

Refresh Yourself the Healthy Way

Colorful popsicles

It is the hot season and while refreshing yourself may be good, the extra calories and the lack of nutrition are often part of the deal. Also, if you are lactose intolerant like me, ice cream can be a delicious but painful option. If you have allergies, it is even worse. How can you control the calories, the content of your frozen treat as well as its nutritious value? Simple! Make your own frozen fruit bars! They are nutritious and refreshing as well. Within a few hours, you can enjoy some refreshing, healthy treats. How can you make them? Let's find out.


  • Fruit(s) of your choice (a cup's worth)
  • Juice or yogurt (fat free is a healthier choice)


  • A knife or vegetable chopper (if you want to slice your fruits)
  • A blender (if you want to make a fruity puree)
  • A large measuring cup (2 cups)
  • Popsicle trays (4+)
  • A tablespoon


  1. Chop, slice or make a fruit puree.
  2. Pour juice or yogurt halfway in the popsicle trays.
  3. Add fruits.
  4. Top each popsicle tray with juice or yogurt.
  5. Put the popsicle trays in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.
  6. Take your frozen bar out of the freezer and...enjoy!


  • If you choose to use some yogurt, fat free and low calories yogurts are healthier choices.
  • If you choose to use some juice, concentrated or freshly squeezed juices are healthier choices.
  • Slicing or dicing your fruits is good, but beware of large pieces as they take more space and less liquid, making it more difficult to solidify your treat popsicle-style!
  • Don't use more than a tablespoon of fruit puree, as more will take longer to freeze.
  • Don't "check" on the frozen bars during the freezing process, as each time you open the freezer, the temperature rises, taking longer to complete the freezing process. If you "must" check, wait at least 2 hours before you do it.

As you can see, refreshing yourself with a frozen and healthy treat is as easy as 1-2-3!


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