How To Make Fruit Punch

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Holding a party without a drink that can keep people at their cheeriest is unimaginable. In fact, you will certainly make sure not to run out of it while the party is going on.  You can always have the usual bottles of wine and beer but it will certainly do the party well if you have a large bowl of punch on the table.  Your guests will appreciate the wines and drinks you have for them.  However, with a fruit punch that you made yourself, they will actually commend you for it.  The following steps will help you make one.

1.    Prepare the ingredients for the punch.  Although you can always make your own concoction with ingredients of your own choice, the following should give you an idea of what you are going to need.
  • orange juice (1 and ½ cup), one without pulp is suggested
  • lime juice (1 and ½ cup)
  • sugar  (2 cups)
  • a cup of water
  • ginger ale (1 bottle)
  • slices of orange and apples
  • ice cubes

2.    Boil one cup of water, and then pour the 2 cups of sugar into it.  Stir the mixture so that the sugar is dissolved well.  When this is done, let it cool first.

3.    Once it has cooled down to room temperature, pour the mixture into a punch bowl.  Pour the cups of orange juice and lime juice you have prepared.  If you do not have lime juice, lemon juice is the best substitute.  Stir the mixture well afterwards.

4.    To get that distinct tang of a great fruit punch, empty the bottle of ginger ale into the fruit juice mix.  However, if you have an adult party in mind, you may still add other liquors to it.  The best ones are gin or rum.  Wines made from fruits can alter the taste too much but those gins and rums just add zing without heavily affecting the flavor.

5.    After mixing the fruit punch again, garnish the bowl with the slices of apples and oranges you prepared previously.  However, you should not put too many apple slices if you wish your guests to taste the liquor you have included in the ingredients. The apples have the tendency to absorb much of the alcohol.  You will certainly notice this if you eat one slice that has been in the bowl long enough.

The amount you can make with the measurements of the ingredients stated above is good enough for less than a hundred people.  If you are expecting more than a hundred guests, then you will need more than that.   If you cannot procure enough bottles of wine and other alcoholic drinks, it is possible that your fruit punch will be the main drink of the party.  Therefore, you may as well raise the amount of alcohol you put in the fruit punch.  Through this way, your party can become lively and fun even without much pure liquor around.


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