How To Make Halloween Treats

Halloween is typically the holiday for giving out candy by the handfuls. If you are looking to change the tradition in your house or provide a special treat for a Halloween gathering try the following Halloween treats. This recipe allows you to turn traditional crispy rice treats in fun Halloween colors and shapes.

1 stick butter
2 (10 oz.) packages marshmallows
12 cups crispy rice cereal
Food coloring – yellow, red, green
Tube icing – orange, green, black
Black licorice
2 large bowls
Small saucepan
2 cookie sheets

  1. Decide what shapes to make. You can make several crispy rice jack o’lanterns and crispy rice spiders using this recipe. If you want to make other shapes, then you should split the crispy treats before adding food coloring.
  2. Melt butter. Place butter in small saucepan on low heat to melt the butter.
  3. Add marshmallows. Slowly add in handfuls of marshmallows. Stir often as the marshmallows dissolve.
  4. Add food coloring. Start with adding the red and yellow food coloring. Mix until you have created a uniform orange color.
  5. Pour half the mix into a large bowl, then add 6 cups of cereal. Mix the orange marshmallow mix with the cereal until the cereal is thoroughly coated.
  6. Make jack o’lanterns. Take handfuls of the orange mix and form them into balls that will form a pumpkin shape. Place the pumpkins onto a cookie sheet then place them in the refrigerator to cool.
  7. With the remaining marshmallow mix, add food coloring. You are looking for a dark brown or black color so mix some green to the orange you already have and keep mixing until you have the color you desire.
  8. Combine the dark marshmallow mix with remaining cereal. Mix the additional 6 cups of crispy rice with the brown marshmallow mix until the cereal is fully coated.
  9. Create spider bodies. With small handfuls of the crispy treat, form the bodies of several spiders. Place the bodies on a cookie sheet then refrigerate to cool.
  10. Decorate the treats. Once the treats are cool, use the licorice and tube icing to decorate your treats. Add a stem and face to your pumpkin to make a jack o’lantern. Add licorice legs and antennae to your spider and black or green eyes.

With this simple recipe, you can create Halloween treats your entire family will love. Try these treats for a nice change from the typical candy fest of the holiday.


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