How To Make Holiday Punch

Great Drinks for Entertaining

If you're entertaining guests or cooking up your own meal, a holiday punch can be a great addition to your evening! The minimum materials and ingredients you need are a pitcher, whisk or fork, concentrated orange juice, ginger ale, lime juice and a glass.

  1. Pour the O.J. First, pour the concentrated orange juice into a large pitcher. Next, add ginger ale to the pitcher. Pour slowly, though, because the fizz will rise fast. Use a fork or a whisk to mix the orange juice up. Add a few tablespoons of lime juice. 
  2. Change it up. There are a few different things you can do to change up the punch for different occasions. Serve the drink on ice cubes or crushed ice. If you want a non-alcoholic drink, pour it over lime sherbet. Adults over 21 can add Disaronno to make it a sweet alcoholic drink.
  3. Serve it. It can take less than five minutes to put this punch together. Garnish the drink with a lime wedge or lemon twist.  Add a fancy straw for show. Use it for all your holiday occasions or a casual get together. 


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