How To Make Homemade Flavored Water

If you are in the mood for a cool, refreshing beverage that you can make at home in an easy and painless way, try to make homemade flavored water the easy and healthy way.  Homemade flavored water can be made from a variety of things.  Some waters can be made from tea.  There are many tea varieties available.  Echinacea tea is particularly good for helping the immune system.  Chamomile tea is delicious with sugar, good for the heart and has a relaxing effect.  There are ginseng teas, which give a boost of energy.  Green tea is an antioxidant and has healing properties.  Perhaps brew a pot of tea, add some sugar and dilute it in more filtered water.  Then you can store that beverage in the refrigerator for later consumption.

Another good trick to use when you are making homemade flavored water is to combine the teas with some fruit or vegetable extract. Boiling fruit or vegetables in water for a short period releases the taste and releases some nutrients into the boiling water, which you can then combine with other water or tea to make a very delicious and satisfying beverage.  Perhaps you have access to organic produce. Peaches, strawberries, oranges and other sweet fruits make very good homemade flavored water when used in the mixture.

Homemade flavored water can be stored for later use. However, it is recommended that when fruit is used, the liquid not be stored for more than a few days, as the taste will no longer be as pleasant in the beverage.  Any tea that would be used will most likely have a longer shelf life than would a fruit-based homemade flavored water, especially when a sweetener is used as opposed to sugar.

There are also other herbs and extracts which can be added to the homemade flavored water.  Extracts are a particularly good way to accomplish desired effects for your body and mind.  These can be included in your homemade flavored water as additives, which may or may not affect the taste of your beverage.  Some extracts, like kava, are relaxing, while other herbs, like guarana, can have stimulating effects. Most of these herbs are used widely in other parts of the world, and just have not gained widespread acceptance in other places. The appropriate dosage for your particular needs should be considered when experimenting with these additives. All homeopathic additives should be used in moderation in your homemade flavored water.


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