How To Make Homemade Tea Bags

Making tea

If you often find yourself drinking loose leaf teas or herbs, and can’t purchase the desired flavor you want already packaged into tea bags, here is an easy way for to make your own tea bags at home so you can brew your own tea. Not only are tea bags very easy to make, they can also be made cheaply. Two common products that people use when making their own tea bags are coffee filters and cheese cloth. Coffee filters can be found at your local grocery or super store, however you may have to go to your local fabric store to find cheese cloth if grocer doesn’t carry it. You will also need small rubber bands for the tops of the tea bags. After selecting the type of tea you would like to brew and gathering all of your supplies, you are ready to start making your own tea bags.

If you are using coffee filters, than place a selected amount of tea into the filter. You will use about a teaspoon for a single cup of tea, and more obviously for a larger amount, depending on number of servings and strength desired. After deciding how much, place the tea into the bottom of the coffee filter. Take the small rubber band and wrap around the top of the coffee filter as many times as possible, trapping in the tea just like a regular tea bag would. Now place the bag into the boiling water just as you would normally as if you were using a store purchased bag.

Cheese cloth is also another great product that you can use as a bag to brew tea. You may have to look a little for the material but go ahead as much cloth as you want, depending on how many tea bags you want to make. Cut the cheese cloth into 4x4 inch squares for one serving, and larger for larger brews and servings. Place the tea into the center of the square, and similar to the coffee filters you are going to wrap the tea up, twist the cloth were the tea stops, and wrap a small rubber band around the cloth securely so that no tea will escape. Place into the water as you would any other tea bag, and allow to sit for desired time and strength.

I would suggest making more than one at a time while you have everything out, that way you don’t have to make a new tea bag every time you want a cup of tea. Try making the bags out of both products to see which you prefer. Making your own tea bags at home is a cheap, quick, and something anyone can easily do.


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