How To Make Kitty Litter Cake

At first glance a kitty litter cake may turn your stomach but it’s a great idea to liven up your Halloween party and fool your friends. This cake tastes great even though it looks so realistic you expect it to smell like a litter box. If you're into making cool cakes for any occasion, then I highly recommend the excellent Cake Decorating Secrets.

Just follow these instructions and you’ll see how to make a kitty litter cake.

German chocolate cake mix
White cake mix
1 package vanilla pudding mix
1 package vanilla sandwich cookies
Green food coloring
1 package small Tootsie Rolls
Eggs, milk and vegetable oil (amounts per the cake mix and pudding packages)
2 rectangular cake pans
2 large mixing bowls
New litter box
New litter scoop

  1. Bake both cakes. Follow the instructions on the cake mix and bake the cakes in the cake pans. Let the cakes cool per the mix guidelines.
  2. Mix the pudding. Follow the instructions on the pudding recipe then put the pudding in the refrigerator to cool and thicken.
  3. Crush the cookies. Use a kitchen mallet or food processor to crush the vanilla sandwich cookies until they are small pieces or crumbs. Spoon out one cup of the mix and put the rest in one of the mixing bowls. Put a few drops of green food coloring into the cup of crumbled cookies then mix.
  4. Crumble both cakes. Now that the cakes are cooled to room temperature, crumble them together into the second large mixing bowl.
  5. Combine the bowl of cookie crumbs with the cake crumbles. Use your hands to blend the crumbles together.
  6. Slowly add pudding to the crumb mixture. Scoop a bit of the pudding into the crumb mixture then stir allowing the pudding to soften the crumbs. Continue to add a scoop of pudding until the crumb mixture is moist and sticks together.
  7. Dump the crumb mixture into the new litter box. Let the mixture settle loosely in the litter pan. Don’t try to smooth or compact the mix. You want it to look like a real litter box.
  8. Heat the Tootsie Rolls. Unwrap two or three rolls and place them in the microwave. Heats at ten-second intervals until the rolls are soft and slightly swollen. Remove the rolls from the microwave then shape to look like kitty droppings. Repeat the heat and shape method for a few more Tootsie Rolls at a time until all are done. Place the rolls in the crumble mixture to look like a litter box with some pieces buried under the litter.
  9. Sprinkle the green colored crumbles over the top of the cake. Spread out the green mixture without clumping.
  10. Add the litter scoop and serve. You may have trouble convincing your guests to try this dessert but once they do, they’ll be back to dig in for seconds.

Making a kitty litter cake can be a great addition to any Halloween party. Be creative and spread the litter around so that it looks realistic. Have fun causing a stir among your friends and family.


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