How To Make Low Carb Trail Mix

A low carb trail mix can be a very tasty snack to keep your weight and appetite down.  Using the best ingredients is important for a variety of reasons.  Quality ingredients do not have additives or any unwanted chemicals, which may affect your diet or the way you eat.

A low carb trail mix can involve a wide variety of mixtures of nuts, oats, and fruit.  There are many types of granola available in most health food stores, which you can buy in bulk.  Granola is made from oats, which are a complex carbohydrate.  Getting complex carbohydrates is the key to an effective low carb diet.  Sugars are what should be avoided in any low carb diet.  Some granola comes with nuts or almonds already in them, while others are flavored with berries.  Some are plain, while others have different types of oats and sweeteners in them.

You might prefer to avoid granola in your low carb trail mix.  If granola is not the base, the nuts will become the main component of your trail mix.  Use fresh, organic, unsalted nuts.  Roasted nuts usually taste better, and if they could be unsalted, it would help with blood pressure.  Salt increases blood pressure.  A variety of nuts is a good basis for the mixture.  Granola and mixed nuts go well together.  Nuts are comprised primarily of unsaturated fat and complex carbs.  Oats, as mentioned earlier, are complex carbohydrates, which do not necessarily contribute to weight gain.

Dried fruit is the final component of trail mix.  There are dried fruit mixtures available in the bulk isle of health food stores, or the ingredients can be mixed and matched.  Raisins work well for trail mixes, as well as other dried fruits such as apples, apricots, bananas, chopped dates, or figs.

Finding the right combination of mixtures can be accomplished in a systematic way.  In ziploc bags, place different assortments of ingredients using your best judgment.  You may grow fond of having a variety of alternatives to choose from, or you might find a few favorites and stick with those.  Experiment with different combinations.  Remember, variety is the key to a healthy diet.

Have fun finding the trail mix most suitable for your needs.  Most trail mixes last for at least a week, if they are kept in sealed bags. Portion them and take the portions on the go for a snack or a meal.  The best thing about low carb trail mix is that it contains many essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay thin and healthy. It also tastes good.


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