How To Make Meat and Poultry More Tender

English roast beef

I came from a family of people who simply love to cook and eat. We love to dine out, have barbeque dinners at home for get together on weekends, birthdays and weddings. My family will always come up an excuse to cook for just about any occasion. And of course the holidays are something that we all anticipate as it is a big occasion to lavish on our favorite dishes and to show them off to both relatives and friends. Almost always, an occasion is remembered most due to the food that was served. Never mind the dress of the bride on the wedding day or the hideous design of the centerpiece; they have a good memory when it comes to the food they've tasted on special occasions.

Because everyone in the family, yes, everyone, not just the ladies but the gentlemen as well, is very critical when it comes to the food they put in their mouths, I have become the same way especially in my cooking. You don't have the right to critic someone else's cooking if you yourself are not a good cook. And yes that's just to say that I came from a clan of good cooks. One Thanksgiving, I was in charge of hosting the party and that of course includes taking care of the food. I was in total dismay when I heard my nephew said that my roast beef could pass for a rubber band while struggling to bite on a piece of the roast beef. To this date, I am still reminded of that incident during parties when my relatives make a joke out of it. That was a lesson I remembered really well. Now I make it a point that the meat I serve them is fine and tender.

You may also want to try out the procedure below to ensure you don't experience the same hosting nightmare that I had.

If you have a lot of time, you can opt to use the long method. In this case, what you do is you put the meat in a casserole or a pot, simmer it with low fire for more than two hours or until the meat is tender.

On the other hand, if you are pressed for time, you may opt to use a meat tenderizing hammer or mallet. Before cooking the meat, get a chopping board and put a sheet of food wrap, lay the meat down and put another sheet of food wrap on top of the meat. Bash the meat after to make it tender.

If you want tender and flavorful meat, you may also want to marinate it overnight. Marinating is also known as a great way to make your meat tender. The marinating solution - soy sauce, wine or citrus, will work on the meat's tough tendrils. Before you finally put the meat on the pan or on the grill, firmly massage it in between your fingers for a few minutes.

Good luck and enjoy cooking!


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