How To Make Mocha

Mocha is a latte with the addition of chocolate sauce. This delicious combination of espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth is a coffee house favorite, and it's also quite easy to make at home if you have an espresso machine. Here's how to make mocha:

Ingredients and supplies:

Approximately 10 ounces Milk (2% for a regular mocha, skim milk for a skinny mocha, and half-and-half for a breve mocha)

Chocolate syrup

Espresso beans

Espresso machine with steaming wand

Stainless steel steaming pitcher

Food thermometer


  1. Add the chocolate sauce to the mug. Pour about one to two ounces of chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup into the bottom of your mug. Most coffee houses use Torani brand chocolate sauce to make mocha.
  2. Steam the milk. Pour the milk into the steaming pitcher, and then place the thermometer in the pitcher. Place the tip of the steaming wand just at the surface of the milk to create froth. After about a spoonful of froth has been created, push the wand further into the milk to finish steaming it. Once the milk has reached 150 to 160 degrees, turn the steamer off. Do not overheat the milk, or it will burn. Be careful not to burn yourself when steaming the milk.
  3. Pour the steamed milk into the mug. Just before you are ready to pull the espresso shots, pour the steamed milk into the mug. Use a spoon to hold back the froth; it goes on the top of the finished mocha. Save about two inches of space in your mug for the espresso shots and the milk froth. Stir well to mix the syrup in the bottom of the mug with the milk.
  4. Pull the espresso shots. Load the fresh-ground espresso beans into your espresso machine and tamp them level before pulling your shots. Immediately pour two espresso shots into the steamed milk in your mug. You can also use one or three shots for a weaker or stronger drink. The espresso should be in the milk within ten seconds of pulling the shots, or it will begin to turn bitter.
  5. Stir the mocha. After the espresso has been added to the milk and chocolate, stir to combine the ingredients. Then add one or two spoonfuls of milk froth to the top, or top with whipped cream instead. For a special touch, add a drizzle of chocolate syrup or a dusting of cocoa powder on the top of the mocha.

There are many variations on the mocha, including a white mocha, which uses white chocolate sauce, a raspberry mocha, peppermint mocha, or other types using different flavored syrups. For an iced mocha, pour the mocha into a blender with ice.


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