How To Make Moonshine

Homemade still

Moonshine is the popular term for bootlegged alcohol that was as potent as it was illegal. You can still make this strong alcohol at home though it is still illegal in many places so consider this recipe just for informational purposes.

Step 1

Materials needed.

  • 2 ½ pounds cornmeal
  • 10 pounds sugar
  • 10 gallons water
  • ½ ounce yeast
  • Charcoal filters
  • Pressure cooker
  • Several large pots
  • Coiled copper pipe
  • A location away from prying eyes

Step 2

Boil water. Moonshine is made in bulk, so if you don't have a jumbo pot, you will need to divide the mixes into several different pots and batches.

Step 3

Add cornmeal. Stir cornmeal into the water until you have a mushy, soupy paste. This is the mash. Once mixed let the mash cool.

Step 4

Add the sugar and yeast. Stir into the cooling mash.

Step 5

Allow the mash to ferment. Cover the pots. Then set them aside in a cool, dark closet for several days. During the fermenting process the mash will bubble and turn sour. This usually takes about five days and the mash will stop bubbling when it is ready.

Step 6

Place the mash into the pressure cooker. Set the temperature to 173 degrees Fahrenheit. Slowly bring the temperature of the mash to this point.

Step 7

Attach copper pipe to the pressure cooker vent. There is some difficult maneuvering at this point because you should run the copper pipes from the pressure cooker, through some cool water then out into a clean, empty pot. The pressure cooker turns the fermenting mash gases into a vapor that will vent through the copper pipes. By going through the cooled pipes, that vapor becomes a liquid.

Step 8

Pour the liquid over charcoal filters. This removes any debris that may have traveled with the vapor through the copper pipes.

Step 9

Serve the moonshine. There you have it; the end result should be about two gallons of moonshine.

Making moonshine may not be the best idea due to the illegal nature of the enterprise. It also usually results in very strong alcohol that can feel like it's burning your esophagus as you drink it. If you want the burn and the risk, that's up to you. For now, consider this an instruction in how alcohol was made during Prohibition.


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