How To Make Novelty Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are small, shaped blocks of ice that are commonly used to cool beverages. Ice cubes are produced by placing water on an ice tray and putting it inside a freezer. Most portable ice maker freezers today are built with ice machines that can instantly make ice cubes. It normally stores the ice cubes in a dispenser inside the freezer, which can be used at a later time.

Nowadays, ice cubes are often seen in markets for preserving food and are often produced in bulk so they can be bought wholesale. Restaurants and fast food chains are some of the establishments that use a lot of ice cubes for their beverages. Ice cubes also play a big part in gatherings and parties. Whether it is just a simple house party where tea and juice is offered or big parties that tenders cold or "on the rocks" alcoholic beverages, ice is a necessary ingredient to the party.

The conventional way to create ice cubes is by using an ice cube tray. Ice cube trays are usually made of plastic or metal. The common shapes of an ice cube are mostly square and cubical, but now, novelty ice cube trays are gaining popularity among parties. These trays produce ice in different shapes.

Just like the normal ice cubes, novelty ice cubes are created using ice cube trays. The only difference is that novelty ice cube trays come in different shapes and sizes. Novelty ice cubes can add class and fun to cocktail drinks. The shapes of the ice cubes will make it an interesting conversation piece, especially when the ice cubes sparkle in a well-lighted room. The different shapes that one can make in a novelty ice cube tray will bring life to any occasion.

Here are ways on how to make novelty ice cubes.

  1. Prepare the novelty ice cube tray. Decide what will be the shape of your novelty ice cube. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and designs.
  2. Prepare the liquid that you need to make novelty ice cubes. Aside from water, you can make novelty ice cubes out of different liquids. You can mix cocktail drinks or fruit juices to make your drinks more flavorful. You can also use lite liquids for health conscious guests. And you can also opt to add food coloring to make the ice cubes colorful.
  3. Pour the liquid into the tray. Pour the mixture or the water carefully into the novelty ice cube tray. Make sure that the mixture or water is just below the edge of the tray so when it freezes you won't have a hard time removing it.
  4. Put the novelty ice cube tray with the liquid mixture or water inside the freezer. After making sure that all the trays are filled with your preferred liquid, put the tray inside the freezer. Make sure that the tray in is in proper position inside the freezer. This ensures that the novelty ice cubes will not get deformed.
  5. Wait for the liquid to turn into ice. Leave the mixture inside the freezer for a couple of hours until it becomes ice.
  6. Remove the novelty ice cube from the tray. Carefully remove the finished product from the tray. Then put it in an ice bottle or cooler so that it won't melt easily or get deformed.

You can always use your imagination in creating novelty ice cubes. Aside from the cute shapes, you can create blinking, flashing or even glow in the dark novelty ice cubes.


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