How To Make Popsicles

Colored ice lolly

Homemade popsicles are one of the healthiest treats you can have, as they can be made with whatever liquid you want without preservative and added sugars.

There are some basic ways to make popsicles or some unique ways. It all depends on what the popsicles are for. If you are trying to make some just to enjoy them, the best thing to do would to go to out a place like Target, Wal-Mart or Costco and buy a simple mold. The molds usually make between 4 or 6 popsicles and come with their own popsicle holder in either white or various fun colors. If you want something more creative you can go to a crafts store like Michaels where you can buy rather interesting molds shapes like stars, rockets, various small animals, or toys. The last idea would be to get popsicles sticks from the craft store and use small glass, as small and shot glass to ones where you still have room to hold your stick.

After that the process of making the actual is the same. These are best created in a kitchen with a really cold freezer. Ice boxes and such will not work. Make you have a flat space in your freezer to put your popsicle molds. It is best to put them at the back of the freezer where it is the coldest so the popsicles will set faster and stay firm longer.

Now to decide what flavor to make your popsicles. If you want to make them for kids, the best thing to use would be 100% juice. Those juices have no added sugars and taste great! You can pretty much pick any flavor, so long as you know your child will eat it. Those are also great for people on a diet as you will be getting one of the daily servings of fruit that way. Another thing you could do is make alcoholic popsicles using different liquors with or without juice for an adult treat at summer parties.

The way to actually create the popsicle is simple. Pick the liquid you want to use to make your popsicle and pour it in. If you want it to be all the same flavor, pour to the top of the mold or glass. If you are using one of the molds from a store they cap on. If using a popsicle stick in a glass use get a piece of paper, cover the top of the glass, then poke the stick through, but don't push all the way down. To be more unique, pour a certain amount into the glass or mold, freeze that, then put another flavor on to layer your popsicle.


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