How To Make Pork Ribs

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When you cook pork ribs the right way, they are flavorful and juicy. The best way to cook pork ribs is with a slow cooker. Here's how to cook pork ribs so they will be "melt-in-your mouth delicious."

Step 1

 Ingredients and Supplies:

  • 1 pound of pork ribs
  • Slow cooker or stew pot
  • Chicken broth or barbecue sauce, approximately 1 cup
  • Vegetables
  • Seasonings, to taste

Step 2

Prepare the ribs. Thaw the ribs, if they are frozen. Set them in your refrigerator for a day, or microwave them on the ‘defrost setting'. Then trim the fat from the ribs, but leave a little fat on the ribs for flavor. The exact amount of fat to leave will depend on your personal tastes. When you use the slow cooker method, this fat will make your ribs delicious.

Step 3

Prepare the slow cooker. Place the ribs in a slow cooker with about a cup of chicken broth. If you want barbecue pork ribs, use barbecue sauce instead of chicken broth. If the sauce you have is very thick, try watering it down a little before pouring it into your slow cooker. Then cover the pot, turn it on low heat, and let it cook for about three hours. If you don't have a slow cooker, you can cook them on the stovetop in a covered pot using the same directions, but a slow cooker will make things much easier.

Step 4

Prepare your other ingredients. While the pork ribs are cooking, chop the vegetables and prepare any spices you are using. Then toss these in the slow cooker once the pork has been cooking for 3 hours. You can use any vegetables you like, or leave them out if you wish. If you're not using any other seasonings, at least sprinkle in a little salt and pepper. Now cook the whole thing for about 3 to 4 hours longer.

Step 5

Enjoy! When you're done cooking, the meat should fall off the bones, and the vegetables should be tender. The smell of pork ribs cooking can make your mouth water for hours as it cooks in your kitchen, and the pork ribs will taste even better than they smell. Pork ribs make an excellent dish to serve to your family or guests!

Once you have this basic recipe down, try experimenting to find your own recipe. The recipe is foolproof, with many variations. You can add different vegetables or spices, or even cook the pork ribs in different liquids, depending on your individual tastes. Many cooks have special ingredients or methods they use to cook pork ribs. Onion powder, chopped onions, or brown sugar are common additions to pork rib recipes. Before you try to make your own recipe, learn how to cook pork ribs to perfection.


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