How To Make Red Wine Vinegar

Three bottles of wine

Wine vinegar is a type of vinegar that can be made out of red wine, white wine, champagne or beer. Wine vinegar is mainly used in Europe. Red wine vinegar has a more subtle taste to it compared to white vinegar. It contains more or less 5% to 10% acid, which is less than the typical vinegar that you use. You can easily make red wine vinegar in your home. You will just need a few materials that you may already have.

Here are the steps on how to make red wine vinegar:

  1. Materials and Ingredients. First, you have to gather all the materials and ingredients that you are going to use in making your red wine vinegar. You will need red wine, vinegar and a large jug or a container. You also need to have a cover for the jug that you will use. You can use any type of vinegar and also any type of red wine. You do not have to purchase red wine. You can use left over dessert wine or Merlot.
  2. Measurements and Procedure. The measurements that you are going to use depend on how much red wine vinegar you want. One recipe of wine vinegar can be used for several weeks or months. Measure 1 quart of red wine and 1 cup of vinegar. Put the two ingredients inside the jug. Cover the jug and leave it there for several weeks. You have to air the mixture 30 minutes a day.
  3. Mother Vinegar. In a few weeks, you will be able to see a culture at the bottom of the jug, and that will be a sign that the wine vinegar is good for use. This culture is called the mother vinegar. The wine vinegar that is above the mother vinegar is the stuff that you can already use. You can put the wine vinegar in several containers or in one big container. Do not throw the mother vinegar away, as you can still use this to create more wine vinegar.
  4. Create More Wine Vinegar. Use the mother vinegar to create wine vinegar. All you have to do is repeat the steps and use the mother vinegar in the mixture. This helps you to make red wine vinegar quicker. The mother vinegar is the culture that settles on the bottom of the jug due to the fermentation that is taking place between the wine and the vinegar.
  5. Wine Vinegar Varieties. You can opt to have different varieties of wine vinegar. You can have sweet vinegar or spicy vinegar. To do this, all you have to do is to place some of your favorite herbs and spices together with the wine vinegar. This will improve the taste and the aroma of the wine vinegar. You can use the wine vinegar for salads, breads and on pasta.

These are the steps in creating your own wine vinegar at home. You can search for different types of food and recipes online so that you can use your wine vinegar together with flavorful foods.


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