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On a hot summer day, few things are as refreshing as slushies.  They provide a cool burst of refreshment and are fun to drink, too!  Kids love these frozen treats and often clamor for them at amusement parks and fairs.  However, commercial slushies can be quite expensive.  Why pay so much when you can easily make your own slushies at home with some very simple ingredients and tools?  In addition, making your own slushies allows you to customize them with your favorite flavors.  What do you need to make your own slushies?  What are some good recipe ideas?

A slushy is basically flavored crushed ice.  Commercial slushies range from very finely milled ice that has the consistency of a milkshake, to chipped ice that you need to eat with a spoon.  Since the main ingredient of any slushy is ice, you probably have this already on hand at home.  Many companies market specific “slushy machines” to make this tasty drink, but these can be quite expensive, with prices in the hundred-dollar range.  Much of the appeal of these machines stems from their resemblance to commercial slushy makers: they often have a special spout and a clear plastic tub that allows you to watch the slushy being mixed.  However, a blender usually works just as well as these other machines.  Having a blender, a staple in most households, means that you need not go purchase an expensive machine to create a simple yet delicious slushy.

In addition to a blender, to make your own slushy you will need several cups of ice, a little water, and the flavoring of your choice.  Many slushy recipes use powdered drink mix packages, which are both easy to use and economical.  In addition, using one of these powdered drinks mixes means that you have a wide variety of flavors from which to choose, not just the usual grape, cherry, orange, or blue raspberry commonly offered by commercial slushy makers.  Another option for flavoring your homemade slushy is syrups, such as those commonly used to make flavored coffee drinks.  Many of these syrups come in both regular and sugar-free varieties, so if you are watching your caloric intake, or simply don’t want to consume that much sugar, these syrups make a nice choice.

Once you have chosen your syrup or drink mix flavor, it’s time to make a slushy.  Fill your blender to about the 16 oz level with ice and add about 2 oz of water to help blend the ice.  If you are using syrup, add about 4 oz and blend.  If you are using a drink mix, add the pack as well as 2/3 cup of sugar, and then blend.  You may need to stir the slushy in the blender to make sure that all of the ice is crushed.

The options for making your own slushies really are endless.  Recipes for alcoholic slushies abound—why not try making your own frozen margarita at home?  With such simple recipes and tools, making your own slushies is an easy and tasty way to cool down and relax.


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