How To Make the Perfect Meringue

A perfect meringue takes a long time to make because you really have to make sure to follow the time designated to beat the egg whites, the high speed required to make it and the time to bake it in the oven. Nevertheless, if you follow all the instructions needed to do it, you will have the best meringue perfect as base of your pies and a delicious sans rival cake. A meringue is actually just a foam or a huge collection of bubbles. What destroys your perfect meringue is fat, which can get in the way of making foam that is good in the whites of eggs. It is the fats that cause the egg foams to collapse in the process of beating it. 

You must also remember that in order to achieve better meringues, your eggs must be no more than 3 to 4 days old. What happens if you use egg whites that are older is that it will whip up more easily into a higher volume than the fresh ones. The problem lies in the foam from the thin whites because they are not as stable as desired. The liquid film will now be drained easily from the bubbles. It is the role of the older eggs if the volume is something that is more critical than the stability. That is why you need to ask your grocery man where they store the freshest eggs so that you can get them from that area.

A secret in separating eggs is to use the cold eggs so that it will separate easily. It is when the eggs whites are in room temperature that it becomes hard to separate them. Now, another technique in separating an egg-- crack the egg. Hold the halves of the egg shells over your mixing bowl. You can transfer the egg yolk from one egg half to the other, allowing the egg white to be dropped into the bowl. You must take extra care not to have any drop of yolk to fall into your egg whites. You can also use an egg separator. The smallest drop of egg yolk or fat will destroy your meringue. It is in this part of the procedure that you really have to put all your concentration on.

Also, avoid letting your fingers from touching areas that could contaminate the egg whites, which lets you avoid leaving oils from your hands on the utensils that you handled. Then, after you have separated the egg whites from the yolk, you have to allow the egg whites to achieve room temperature so that there will be volume when you beat it since eggs that are warmer whip faster than eggs that are cold. If you use egg whites straight from the refrigerator, your egg whites won't whip properly. It is best that you let the eggs stay at room temperature for about thirty minutes prior to beating them. Make sure all the utensils are clean and free from oils. You must not add your sugar before you whip the egg whites because it will lengthen the time for you to whip the egg whites in order to arrive at a good kind of foam. You need to add the sugar towards the end when the soft peaks have already formed from the egg whites.


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