How To Make Vodka: Vodka Making Instructions

Use These Tips to Make Homemade Vodka

Vodka is one of the easiest forms of alcohol to make at home. All you need is some basic ingredients such as water, potatoes and some basic hardware. Follow these instructions so that you too can make vodka! 

Here's how:

Step 1

Materials needed.

  • 2 pounds potatoes
  • Purified water
  • Pressure cooker
  • Distilling kit
  • Carbon filter

Step 2

Check with your local government about legalities. Preparing alcohol at home is illegal in many states so check your local laws before you do something you shouldn't.

Step 3

Clean and sterilize equipment. When it comes to vodka, purity is most important so start with clean, sterile equipment.

Step 4

Prepare potatoes. Now that you have the ingredients to make vodka, peel potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Start the distillation process by placing potatoes in a pressure cooker. Then cover with purified water such that it covers the potatoes completely then add a little more.

Step 5

Turn the pressure cooker on. Let it cook until the potatoes are dissolved into a mushy substance in the water. Let it cool for at least ten minutes. While the potatoes are cooling you should begin assembling the distillery kit. The kit should include a heat source, bottles or test tubes that will be heated as well as clean tubing and a bottle for the distilled liquid.

Step 6

Pour potato mix through a strainer into a clean pot. Now that the mix is cool, strain it to remove any thick strands of potato so you only have a liquid remaining.

Step 7

Pour potato liquid into the distillery container. Pour the liquid in and start the distillery. Allow the liquid to heat and become vapor. Once the vapor runs through the tube into the clean container you have your first stage of vodka. There should be a small amount of sediment and liquid at the base of the original container. Dispose of this and clean the container before moving on to the next step.

Step 8

Repeat distillation at least twice. The purity of taste and a clear color signals good vodka so you should continue taking the liquid through the distilling process until you've attained this.

Step 9

Filter the liquid through a carbon filter. The final purification of vodka is to pour it through a carbon filter to remove any small particles and sediment.

Step 10

Dilute the vodka. The vodka you've made is concentrated, so dilute it with a small amount of purified water. This step takes some experimentation to get the right mix so be prepared to taste and mix a few batches before you determine the best balance between water and alcohol.

These instructions will help you make homemade vodka. Making your own at home is a time consuming process considering that the alcohol isn't expensive to buy in the store. Still, if you want to create your own, follow these steps and you'll be on your way to the clear, crisp taste of your own homemade vodka!!


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