How To Make Wedding Cake Fondant

Cake fondant

In the past, fondants were used only for high end wedding cakes. Fondants were once delicacies that were purchased only from specialty bake shops. Today, however, you can create your own fondant using ingredients that are regularly available in most bakeshops. With the flexibility and versatility of cake fondant, you can decorate your own wedding cake with intricate swirls, textures, and patterns. Here’s how.

  1. Create the fondant. To create the wedding cake fondant, you will need to combine 2/3 cup of corn syrup, 2/3 cup of butter, a spoonful of vanilla essence, half a spoonful of salt, and around two pounds of powdered sugar. These ingredients should be mixed carefully in a mixer until the texture is smooth and consistent. To adjust wedding cake fondants that are too sticky and difficult to maneuver, you will need to add in more powdered sugar into the mix. Keep in mind that this is a no cook recipe for fondant. There are other recipes that you can try out, all of which will have particular characteristics and tastes, and which may be more difficult to prepare than others.
  2. Adding colors and matching with the wedding cake. When it comes to coloring the cake fondant, you will need special fondant cake coloring, which are different from the usual food coloring used in preparing drinks or gelatin. These usual come in several metallic shades, and create a subtle color that is perfect for weddings. When coloring the fondant, be sure to match the fondant color with the bride’s dress. Also experiment with various lighting conditions – sometimes sunlight will make a color paler. This means that you will need to test the fondant color in sunlight when you are creating a cake for an outdoor wedding.
  3. Sculpting. Sculpting the fondant is usually made by using special tools. You can, however, create simple patterns such as waves using large flat ladles, or a fork to create a waving line throughout the surface of the fondant. You can also create complex sculptures by cooling the fondant until it is firmer. Then, allow it to warm up to room temperature slightly, before bending the fondant like clay.  If you bend it immediately after removing the fondant from the refrigerator, small cracks may appear on the fondant.
  4. Transportation. Once the cake is finished, you will need to take care when it comes to transportation. Especially large cakes can take up to three people to carry, especially since fondant is a very heavy type of cake icing. You will also need to make sure that multi-layered cakes with fondant are attached to sturdy frames that will keep the cake in shape.

Before the weeding, you should experiment with several fondant recipes first. This will give you an idea of how to work and icing onto the cake, and how the icing will taste like. Once you have chosen your recipe, you can store the fondant in buckets or plastic bags a day or two before the actual wedding. Through these easy steps, you can get a fancy wedding cake for half the price.


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