How To Make Wedding Fruit Punch

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After the formal ceremonies in the wedding, add some good old fun at the reception by creating your own wedding fruit punch. While the guests are socializing, you need to keep the crowd’s thirst satiated, and fruit punch will do the trick. Here’s how.

  1. Prepare the ingredients. For the basic wedding fruit punch, you will need two cans of lemonade concentrate, frozen. You will also need two cans of concentrated pineapple juice, a liter of sparkling water, a liter of ginger ale, a quart of water, and a liter of champagne. You should also prepare the punch bowl, which should be large enough to hold all of the ingredients together. Generally, these proportions should create about 25 cups of punch.
  2. Combine the concentrates. To create the wedding fruit punch, begin by mixing the cans of concentrated lemonade and pineapple fruit concentrate. Mix well and then add the quart of water. Again, mix the punch well.
  3. Storage. Since most of the food for the wedding will be prepared several hours in advance, you can store the punch in the refrigerator while waiting for the wedding ceremonies to be over. Once the punch is needed, you will need to add the ginger ale, the champagne, and the sparkling water. Again, mix the ingredients well until totally dissolved.
  4. Garnishes. To make the fruit punch more attractive, add in slices of oranges into the punch bowl. If the wedding reception will last well through the night, you can also add ice cubes into the punch bowl especially when the cold from refrigeration disappears.
  5. Experiment. When making fruit punch, one of the most important things for you to consider is the audience. If you are having a wedding that has a predominantly young crowd for the guest list, you can make the drink more alcoholic by adding in gin or vodka into the mixture. You can make a more alcoholic beverage for the wedding reception party even if there are minors in the area, by placing the punch bowl in strategic areas that are guarded by the waiters for the reception. If there are plenty of guests, you can use up to two punch bowls at a given time, to ensure that all of the guests will have something to drink.
  6. Cranberry punch. Another type of fruit punch that you can serve on your wedding is the cranberry fruit punch. You will need half a gallon of pineapple sherbet, a liter of ginger ale, water, a liter of cranberry juice, a box of cherry Jell-O, and a can of pink lemonade that has been frozen.
  7. Break, dissolve, and mix. To prepare the cranberry punch, you need to cut the sherbet into pieces. Combine this with the cherry Jell-O which should be cooked according to the instructions on the packaging. Add in the pink lemonade, the cranberry juice, and the ginger ale. Mix well and serve! You can also add in cherries as garnishing.

With these wedding fruit punch at your wedding, you can be sure that your friends and relatives will have the energy to keep chatting well into the night.


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