How To Make Your Own Red Wine

If you love drinking red wine, then you might as well learn how to make it since there is nothing more fulfilling than indulging yourself in the “fruits of your labor”. Homemade red wine can be just as good as the bottles you find in the grocery stores in your area, may it be French or Australian. Moreover, learning to make red wine can bring you tons of benefits. You may have the advantage of having your own stock at your disposal at any time of the year, and you can decide on how long to age your wine before serving it to your guests. Learning to make your own red wine also allows you to save your money by making your own sweet red wine rather than spending it on buying red wines from the stores whenever the occasion calls for it. Besides, the materials needed for making red wine are cheaper than the finished product itself. 

To be able to make your own red wine, here are the basic steps.

In making red wine, you need to choose the darker colored grapes. Since the dark red pigment of the wine comes from the soaking of the juice along with the skin of the dark colored grapes. The process of making the wine starts by crushing the grapes along with their skin and allowing them to soak for a long period. This lasts for several days, for the dark color of the grape skin to combine and become part of the juice. This part of the process is known as the primary fermentation.

Once the process of the primary fermentation is completed, it is then time to separate the skin from the juice by straining the skins from the juice and transferring the juice to a secondary vat, usually referred to as a “fermenter” or “carboy” container, which will be used for the second fermentation process of the wine. Here the wine is then air locked and allowed to continue its fermentation process for several months.

This is how the wine gets its rich dark, deep color and “full bodied” flavor that every wine enthusiast looks for in a red wine. The aging process of the wine allows for enhancement in flavor and makes the wine stronger. However, you may choose to have the wine age for only a few months or for a few years. Once the red wine has fermented for more than half a year, you may take it out of the cellar and serve whenever you wish.

If you have an interest in making your own wine and selling it, then you must have a wider knowledge on the proper aging process and the different types of grapes to be used, and even the proper quantities are necessary. Since this article only discusses the basics, readers are advised to seek further information to be able to make better wine. In addition, it is advisable that you go visit the nearest vineyard in your area so you may get some additional pointers than what can be found on the Internet.


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