How To Peel an Egg in 5 seconds

Most of the time, knowing how to peel eggs in a fast way can be an asset. This is especially true when you have a catering to attend to, whether among family members, relatives or an entire event. The egg figures prominently in most dishes and it is important to know how best to peel them in the shortest possible way. Whether these eggs are needed in the soup, the main dishes or the desserts, knowing how to peel eggs fast will save you time and effort.

It is of course important that you choose the right kind of eggs, boiled the right way. This will help in peeling it faster. You also have to know that eggs boiled at the right temperature will be best peeled in the shortest time possible. This is so because when the egg is not yet hard boiled the right way, the egg shells will stick to the egg white and you will have to make several more motions just to peel everything off. The eggshells have a tendency to stick close to the body of the egg such that it will take you a long time just to peel a hundred eggs in the shortest time possible.

The process of peeling an egg therefore, entails several steps of preparation. What is important is that you have boiled everything well. Then, you need to crack both sides of the egg- top and bottom. Then you have to take in air, put the egg close to your mouth and then blow the egg while cupping your palms on the sides of the egg, putting all the air on the egg. That makes the egg slide out nice and easy. All these success in peeling the egg will be accomplished only when the right preparations have been done. If this is not the case, then the egg will also stick close to the shell.

Eggs are used extensively in cooking so, it is just important that you know this technique so that so can peel as many eggs as possible. This will also hasten the time element in making the other dishes. The proteins of eggs are important as emulsifying agents and this contributes greatly to the health of people who eat this. Many say it is the white of the egg that man needs more because it provides the proteins that are needed by man. Thus, if you are able to peel eggs fast, you can make as many devilled-cocktailed finger foods for cocktail functions. It is important that you know this principle when you are asked to make cocktail food that relies on a lot of creatively-done dishes. And this is most needed in cocktail functions where the use of eggs in food dishes highlights the event. Eggs are a handy food parcel that has all the nutrients that you need except Vitamin C. Therefore, it is best to be incorporated in all big events. And when you talk of big event, it means making food in the fastest time possible. Thus, peeling eggs in 5 seconds is a skill that one can master well and would go a long way in making you a big hit during big food preparation activities.


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