How To Plan a Wedding Cake Tasting

One of the most exciting parts in planning a wedding is the wedding cake testing. The process is fun but it is not always easy. It includes careful planning. The wedding cake is one of the highlights during the wedding so you have to make sure that it not only looks beautiful but also tastes delicious. With the many cakes you can choose from, you might find the process a bit confusing. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps provided below.

Here are the steps on how you can plan a wedding cake tasting:

Research. The first step in wedding cake tasting is to research. Research on some of the bakeries in your area that does wedding cakes. You can ask some of your married friends on the bakery where they ordered their cake from. Another good idea is to purchase some wedding magazines and check out some of the suggestions when it comes to ordering your wedding cake.

Make an appointment. When you have chosen the bakery where you will order from, the next step is to make an appointment. It will be better if you make a personal appearance in the bakery when you make your appointment so that you can explain the things that you want for your wedding cake. It will be easier for the pastry chef of the bakery to present you with choices if you say some specifics.

Cake testing. When the day of the tasting comes, be ready for some hard choices that you have to make. When you taste the cakes that are presented to you, it is better to taste the parts of the cake (cake, icing, etc.) separately first so that you can get what it tastes like. Afterwards, taste the cake as a whole. During the tasting process, you can ask the pastry chef some questions that you have regarding the cakes. It will be good to have a small notebook where you can write your notes on. Do not forget to cleanse your palate after each type of cake that you try.

Discuss with the pastry chef. Now that you have tasted the different cakes, the last step is to discuss the cake that you want with the pastry chef. If you want to have a customized cake, this is the time to discuss the color and the style of the cake. Do not forget to ask about the prices and the additional charges if there are any. You can also ask the pastry chef for some suggestions regarding the style of the cake.

These are the steps on how you can plan a wedding cake testing. It is advisable to do this activity together with your spouse to be so that you can both enjoy the moment and contribute on the outcome of the wedding cake. If you have a lot of guests attending the wedding, you can ask the pastry chef to make small cupcakes that are based on the taste of your wedding cake.


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