How To Poach an Egg Using a Tuna Tin

Poached eggs are one of the healthiest ways to prepare eggs, since they require no butter or oil. The perfect poached egg will have an undisturbed and runny yolk, surrounded by a circle of opaque egg white. Many people assume that poached eggs can’t be made without a fancy poaching set. Although poaching an egg can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment, you don’t in fact need a poaching set to make delicious poached eggs. Luckily, you can make do with the can from tuna. Here’s how to poach an egg using a tuna can:

Ingredients and supplies:
Empty can from tuna (or similarly-sized can)
Tin cutters
Glass or measuring cup

  1. Create a tin ring. Use the tin cutters to remove the top and bottom of the can, so that you are left with a metal ring. If you don’t have a tuna can you can use any other can of similar diameter and height, or even cut down a taller can.
  2. Prepare the pan. Place your ring in the pan, and pour in enough water to become level with the top of the metal ring. Now, turn the heat on medium so that the water begins to gently boil.
  3. Pour in the egg. Now, crack your egg into a glass or measuring cup. Then pour it into the middle of the ring. Do not try to crack the egg directly into the ring, as it is likely that some of the egg will fall into the water instead. Gently pour the egg to avoid breaking the egg yolk; in poached eggs, the yolk and whites remain separate.
  4. Wait. Wait for your egg to cook. It should take two to three minutes for the egg white to cook, leaving the yolk runny. Do not overcook your egg, or the yolk will begin to cook while the egg whites will become overcooked.
  5. Enjoy. Remove the ring and egg from the pan using a spatula. Then take your egg out of the ring, and enjoy! Try to remove the egg without breaking the yolk. You can serve your poached eggs on top of toast, or serve them with brunch.

Poached eggs are delicious and easy to make, but it can be a hassle to find the right supplies to make poached eggs. Try this do-it-yourself solution if you want to make a poached egg but don’t have the right supplies.


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