How To Prepare a Delicious Back Bacon

Bacon is a processed meat from swine. It is preserved mainly in water saturated with great amount of salt or by the use of dry packing method. Bacon can be prepared in a variety of ways. It can be done either by serving it right after curing, further drying it with cold air for a few weeks, boiling, frying or by serving it smoked.

Bacon may be made from chicken meat, beef, lamb, or turkey. But generally, they are prepared from pork meat. There are several different swine parts that are just right to come up with tasty bacon. It may come from the swine belly or the termed streaky bacon, side or the middle bacon and back part or back bacons. Back cuts have two distinguished characteristics; the fat back which is almost purely fat and the back bacon that came from the pork loin. This is considered the leanest compared with the other cuts.

Cooking bacon can be a simple, yet delicious dish to serve to visitors. Its taste and healthy feature makes it a staple food in breakfasts, brunches, lunches and even dinners. There are lots of different delicious menus that you can make out of bacon. Whether you prefer classy restaurant-like dishes or just a simple frying, bacon would be always at hand to serve. They are perfect to be included in appetizers, salads, soups, main courses and a lot more.

Here are easy tips on how to prepare delicious back bacon:

Sliced back bacon. This can be prepared by barbecue.

  1. Grill both sides for about 2 to 3 minutes at medium heat.
  2. You may serve it alone or together with the sauce of your choice.
  3. Bake or grill the back bacon in a 350°F for a period of 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Serve it with bread or a soup.

Whole back bacon. This can be baked or roasted.

  1. You will need: 5 lbs. of whole back bacon, a quarter cup of maple syrup, a quarter cup of apple juice, a tablespoon of flour and a teaspoon of mustard.
  2. Take the whole back bacon, and slice it in sizes depending on your choice.
  3. Rearrange it back into its original form using a strong thread to hold it together.
  4. Set the oven at 350°F and bake the bacon for about an hour.
  5. Remember to put a quarter cup of water in the baking pan to prevent the bacon from drying out.
  6. Combine the remaining ingredients and let it boil in a sauce pan.
  7. After an hour, remove the bacon from the oven and brush the mixture you have just made.
  8. Make sure to pay attention on the areas between the slices.
  9. Bake it again for 20 minutes, or more until the temperature reaches 166°F.
  10. Remove it from the oven.
  11. Cut the strings and serve it with a good presentation.

These are just some things you can do to have a mouth watering back bacon menu. You can find numerous suggestions of how to prepare back bacons every month, online. You may just need to subscribe with a certain online group. You can also have a wave of new ideas with the recipe of the month club.


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