How To Prepare Ramen Noodles

Ramen is a Japanese dish that is made of soup and noodles. There are many variants of the ramen noodle soup. Some people use fish, chicken or pork broth for the soup. You can include toppings, such as pork, seaweeds, shrimps, squid and vegetables. It is said that Ramen originated from China and was introduced to Japan. There are instant Ramen noodles that you can buy and prepare in just a few minutes if you are in a hurry.

Here is how to prepare ramen noodles:

  1. Preparation. It is easy to prepare this dish. You will need pot large enough for your noodles and for water. To add flavoring to your ramen noodles, you can choose to put in pork broth, chicken broth or fish broth instead of the water. Put the broth or water inside the big pot and heat it up. Wait for the broth to begin boiling.
  2. Cooking. Once the broth has already come to a boil, you can put the noodles in the pot. Make sure that the block of ramen noodles is fully submerged in the broth. You can use a fork to push the block of ramen down if it is floating on top of the broth. Wait for the noodles to be cooked. Usually, ramen noodles take about 3 minutes to cook but it can take longer if you are cooking a large batch of ramen noodles. One of the signs that the noodles are cooked is when they turn a yellowish color and become limp. By this time, the ramen should be broken apart from the block.
  3. Flavoring. If you are cooking instant ramen noodles that come in a pack, this is the time where you can put the flavoring in the soup. Remember that the flavor packets in most instant cook noodles contain a lot of sodium, which can be hazardous to your health. If you are concerned with health issues, you can skip the flavoring or only use half of the packet. If you are making your ramen noodles from scratch, you do not need to put in any additional flavoring as your broth will bring the plenty of flavor to the noodles.
  4. Add-ins. If you want your ramen noodles to be more nutritious, you can put additional ingredients, such as cabbage, tofu, carrots, pork, chicken, squid or other fresh vegetables that you wish to eat. Put these ingredients in the cooking pot and allow them to be cooked.
  5. Eating Ramen Noodles. Some people prefer eating ramen noodles without the broth. You can do this by draining the water and leaving the noodles behind. If you are going to eat the ramen with the broth, transfer the entire contents of the cooking pot in a large bowl. Note that the soup is very hot.

These are the steps on how to prepare ramen noodles from instant packs or from scratch. Cooking ramen noodles is an easy way for you to cook a full meal without having to worry about buying a lot of ingredients. Also, ramen noodles take less than 10 minutes to cook.


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