How To Purify Water

Pot of boiling water
Water is one of the most essential elements to life on earth:  Everyone needs it.  Now water has become the new “it” drink with fancy bottles, and ultra pure spring water.  With this new craze has come an increase in price.  Below are some easy steps to purify your own water at home.

Step 1

Clean. You will want to thoroughly clean the utensils with which you will be doing the purification process.  An easy way to get a solid cleaning is to do the traditional soap and hot water, but add a teaspoon of household bleach to the mix. 

Step 2

Filter. Once you have the clean bowl, you will now want to filter water into the bowl.  This simply means pouring water over any type of clean cloth.  You can use a handkerchief or a standard cotton towel.  Once the water has filter through the cloth, allow it to settle for up to 30 minutes in the bowl.

Step 3

Boil. Now that you have filtered the water into the bowl, transfer it to a pot for boiling.  You will want to get the water to a full boil for at least 3 minutes.  This is the easiest and most common technique of purifying water.

Step 4

Flavor. After boiling, the water, it may lose many of its natural minerals, and therefore become somewhat tasteless.  If you want to add flavor to the water, transfer it from one clean container to the next a few times.  This allows the water to breath and brings out its natural taste.

Step 5

Storing. Store the water in your clean container.  Be sure not to touch any part of the inside of the container and make sure you close the lid tightly.  This will ensure that no bacteria is inside or able to get inside the container. 

This is a great to get purified water from your own home.  You don’t need to go out and spend a fortune buying gallons of purified water, when you can do it within your own home.

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