How To Remove Bone from Fish

Removing the bones from the fish is very easy to do, and actually there are two really basic ways on how you could remove its bones. One is cooking the fish before removing its bone or by filleting the fish before it gets cooked. Filleting before cooking is better though, because it tastes better rather than having it cooked before removing its bone. These techniques work for almost any type of fish.

There are things that you would need as well before you could start filleting a fish:

  • A fillet knife that you will mainly use for taking the bone off the fish
  • A metal spoon to remove its scales
  • A saucepan that could fit the entire fish.
  • Water for boiling the fish.
  • A chopping board so that you could lay the fish flat.
  1. To start, you will need to rinse the fish and make sure it's clean. You also need to gut the fish and then clean it again using cold running water. You could also start removing the scales using the metal spoon if you prefer to do it first. Now you are ready to fillet the fish.
  2. Place the fish sideways on the chopping board and create a cut at the back of its gills, then cut it straight down. From there you have to keep pushing through till the edge of your blade touches its backbone. Once your there you should turn the knife till the sides of your knife lay flat on its backbone making it parallel to the chopping board's surface. Make sure the edge is directed to the tail. Now you will start slicing your way through the fish's backbone all the way to its tail, doing a swaying motion on your blade could make it easier to slice. Do the same procedure on the opposite side of the fish
  3. Now that you were able to remove the backbones next thing that you have to remove are its ribs and the pin bones. Just slice through the rib cage and remove it from its meat. Then use tweezers to remove the pin bones. If ever the pin bones are not that visible because of the meat then try to carefully feel it using your fingertips.

  1. The other way of doing it is by cutting its belly and removing it from the fish. If you want to cut the head off then you could do that as well. Then start boiling the fish and then after a couple of minutes remove the fish from the pan and then you could easily separate the meat from its bones.
  2. You could use a fork if you want to make sure you have removed the bones from the meat cleanly. You can start lifting off the skin easily, if you use the fork's spatula, and then swipe it along the back of the fish to remove its bone.

If you manage to do it correctly, then you will get a greatly prepared boneless fish in just a matter of minutes. You can now share it to your family as well, and you will never get yourself bothered of someone getting a fish bone stuck in their throat, especially if it’s your little kid who's going to eat it.


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