How To Roast a Turkey in a Convection Oven

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Most people choose to bake their turkey in an oven, the old-fashioned way. If you don’t have a regular oven or are looking for a different method, consider roasting your turkey in a convection oven. This is a little different than cooking a turkey in a traditional oven, so be sure you know the tricks before starting to roast it. Here’s how to roast a turkey in a convection oven.

Ingredients and supplies:
Fully defrosted turkey
Paper towels
Shallow roasting pan with rack, large enough for turkey
Meat thermometer (optional)

  1. Prepare the oven. Set the oven temperature to 325 degrees and let it warm up while you prepare the turkey.
  2. Prepare the turkey. First, make sure your turkey is fully defrosted. This can take hours, if not days. Remove the turkey from the plastic bag it came from, drain the juices, and pat dry with clean paper towels. If there is a bag of giblets inside the turkey, be sure to remove it before attempting to roast the turkey. Place a rack in the bottom of your roasting pan, and then place the turkey in the roasting pan, breast up. Before placing the turkey in the oven, insert the meat thermometer deep into the thigh, but not touching the bone.
  3. Place the turkey in the convection oven. At 325 degrees, it should take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to cook the turkey, depending on its size. Turkeys with stuffing inside take a little longer than unstuffed turkeys.
  4. Check for doneness. Watch carefully during the roasting process. However, unlike with a conventional oven, you do not need to constantly baste the turkey. If the turkey seems to be getting a little too brown on the outside, cover it with a layer of foil for the remainder of the roasting process. Your turkey is done when the meat thermometer reaches 180 degrees. When done, the juices should be clear, not reddish or pink. If you don’t have an oven-safe meat thermometer, you can also insert a fork into both the breast and leg. When the fork penetrates easily and comes out clean, the meat is done.
  5. Enjoy! Before carving your turkey, let it stand for 15 minutes to allow the juices to set. If you cut it too soon, all of the juices will run out, leaving your turkey dry. Serve with all of the traditional fixings, including gravy and mashed potatoes.

You can roast a delicious and moist turkey in your convection oven. It will turn out golden brown and juicy, and it will not even take as long as using a conventional oven.


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