How To Select the Best Fondue Pot for Your Use

Selecting a fondue pot can be quite daunting at first, due to the large variety of fondue pots available in the market today. The main idea is to understand that your selection will depend on the specific use that it will have. The first step is to decide on what kind of fondue you will be making. As you well know, there are a number of fondues that you can make. There are fondue pots that are used for making dessert fondues and cheese fondues, while there are other pots that are for making fried fondues.

Normally, fondue pots that are used in making cheese fondues are constructed of ceramic, iron or earthenware. These materials naturally do a good job of giving off heat. This will work to your advantage when serving foods that may scorch easily, such as chocolate. Using these pots will act as a safety net in case you put the temperature too high. Do not, however, put these pots directly on top of a heating element, as they have a tendency to crack or break. In this case, a cast-iron pot may be a better alternative. Placing fondue pots made of this material will not crack when placed directly on a heating element or stove. You can also prepare the food directly in the pot, eliminating the need for additional preparation in an extra saucepan.

Metal fondue pots are much better for hot oil fondues. These pots are built to withstand high temperatures, and can be made of either stainless steel or copper. These stronger, sturdier pots are built to handle high temperatures, and can keep the hot oil inside contained very well. As opposed to ceramic fondue pots, these metal pots keep the heat in, rather than diffusing it out.

You can also purchase a fondue set that comes with both a metal and a ceramic fondue pot. These sets are designed so that you can insert the ceramic pot into the metal one, allowing water to simmer inside. Cooking your fondue this way is much safer, and should be used with foods that burn easily, such as cheese and chocolate.

While most pots look sturdy enough, care should always be taken when using fondue pots. Be sure to place the pot on a solid, steady surface while cooking your fondue. These fondue pots are heated by either oil burners or gel burners, as these are primary heating elements for the fondue pots. These types of burners are used normally for making oil and cheese fondues. Candles, on the other hand, are used for cooking chocolate fondues. These little candles keep the chocolate warm without burning the chocolate itself. As with all open flame sources, always be careful in lighting the burners.

There are now also certain fondue pots which run on electricity. These pots are much easier to use, as you can customize the heat settings to the appropriate levels. This also means that there is no need to distinguish one fondue from the other - all types of fondue can be cooked in this one pot, which makes the entire process a lot more convenient.


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