How To Store a Kaffir Lime

Kaffir limes are becoming more popular with so many of us enjoying this lime when cooking certain dishes, or making particular beverages. If you are fortunate enough to find Kaffir limes in your grocery store, you may still need to learn how to store the limes correctly so that they will be in good condition when you are ready to use the limes in your recipes.

One thing you can do to keep your Kaffir lime fresh is place it in a container, and keep it in a cool and dry area. Your kitchen cabinet or a pantry shelf could work nicely. Storing this way is fine if you are going to use the lime in a day or two. When I store something in this manner, I like to place a folded paper towel into the container with the item believing it will help absorb any unwanted moisture. If the lime is not ready for use when you place it in the container be sure to check it each day as it could ripen quickly.

If your intention is to purchase several Kaffir limes at one time, you can store the limes in a refrigerator drawer that is intended to preserve produce. Keeping limes in a refrigerator may give you several days before the limes must be used. Any time you are storing limes or other produce in the refrigerator, use a bag or container that is intended for produce storage. I like to use a quality freezer bag even when storing limes or other produce in the refrigerator.

You may be surprised to learn Kaffir limes can also be saved in a freezer for about six months until you need one. Freezing the limes may give you the option of purchasing extra for future use. The great thing about storing the limes in the freezer is that when you need some lime zest for a dish you are preparing, or your favorite beverage, you can remove a lime from the freezer, obtain the amount of zest needed and return the lime immediately to the freezer with no harm being done to the quality of the lime.

When I am storing limes in the freezer I like to double the freezer bags, putting the limes in two freezer bags rather than one. It could be that just one freezer bag is enough to protect the limes, but I prefer being extra sure.


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