How To Stuff Sausage

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One of the processes included in making homemade sausage is stuffing it inside the casing. Stuffing sausage can be a difficult task, especially for first timers. It is best if you use a sausage stuffing attachment that can be bought for your meat grinder or kitchen mixer. Using the stuffing attachment will make stuffing your homemade sausage an easier task.

Here are the simple steps on how to stuff your homemade sausage:

  1. Select a Casing. There are different types of sausage casings which can be used in making homemade sausage. If you want to use natural casing for your sausage, you can use the intestinal tracts of sheep, cattle or hogs. The most common casings used for sausages are the hog’s intestinal tract. These casings are best for summer grill parties, as the skin is permeable and can absorb the smoke, giving the sausage a distinct smoky taste.
  2. Preparation. If the casing that you have was preserved using salt, you must soak it first in lukewarm water before using it. Doing this will remove the saltiness in the casing. Soak it for at least 20 minutes. While you are soaking the casing, you can assemble your sausage stuffer. Have a pan or a plate ready and place it under the sausage stuffer right where the cased sausages will fall. After 30 minutes, get the casing and wash it under running water. Insert the casing on the attachment and leave a couple of inches at the end of the stuffer. Tie a tight knot at the end of the casing to lock in the gourmet meat.
  3. Stuffing the Sausage. You can now start stuffing the sausage. Stuffing the sausage will be easier if there are two persons doing it. One person will stuff the mixer with the meat and the other will control the amount of meat that gets in the sausage casing. The casing will first be filled with air and the meat will follow. If there are any spaces or air packets, push the meat with your fingers to fill the space. Do this until you reach the end of the casing but do not fill it all the way. Leave about a couple of inches on the end so that you can tie another knot.
  4. Tying the Sausages. Measure the desired length of the sausage that you want and twist the casing to make segments on the long sausage link. Twist portion by portion until you reach the end. You should twist three times to ensure that the partitions will stay in place. After this, you can refrigerate the sausage links overnight before cooking them. These sausages will be great with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

These are the steps for stuffing your homemade sausage. The first few times you stuff homemade sausage, it can be difficult - but it will be easy for you as you get additional practice. For the sausage meat, you can use beef or pork meat.


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