How To Throw a Great Bachelor Party

One of the best things about a friend of yours getting married is the bachelor party that will take place. It is usually up to the best man and other groomsmen to really put the whole thing together, but anyone with some good ideas should probably step forward and help out on this special occasion. Each person has different tastes as to what they want for their bachelor party, but bottom line is there will be a ton of fun involved. Check out a few of these tips to make the next bachelor party you throw a night to remember.

Step 1

Run it by the groom. The first and most important thing you need to do is get some ideas from the groom. After all, this is his night, and you do not want to do things that he is not going to enjoy. You also want to make sure he is comfortable with some of the festivities and will not get in too much trouble with his soon-to-be wife. This does not mean you have to tell him everything you are doing, but just run some things by him and get an idea of what he wants to do.

Step 2

Invite list. The next thing you need to do is get a list of everyone whom the groom would like to invite. Of course, you are most likely going to have all guys who are invited to the wedding. You do not want it to be too big of a group and take the attention away from the groom so you might have to narrow it down to a few of his closer friends. Also, the choice of asking any of the parents to come is strictly up to the groom.

Step 3

Budget. After you have a list of everyone who is coming, you can start to create a budget that will help you understand what you can and cannot afford. Get a feel for what people will be comfortable donating to help out with the expenses. If you have generous friends, you may be able to do something like go out of town for a trip, but if people are not willing to fork over too much money, you may have to settle for something more low key.

Step 4

Stay and transportation. One of the biggest items to take care of for a bachelor party is arranging for a place to stay and transportation for the night. You will want to get a head count of everyone who plans on staying the night and book hotel rooms that will fit everyone. You also need to arrange transportation that everyone can use for the night. It usually works best to hire some kind of party bus that fits everyone.

Step 5

Events. Now that you have all the basics covered, you have to get down and map out the night. Where are you going to go first? Last? Some good ideas are to go and start out with a nice dinner somewhere or go to a sporting event. This allows for everyone in the group to hang out and meet each other before the real craziness begins. After the beginning of the night, it is up to the groom as to where he wants to go. More than likely this will include stopping by a bar or two and then visiting an adult entertainment establishment. Remember this is one of his last true nights of being single and being able to get away with things like this so you have to make it memorable. Be sure to keep him out of trouble, and don't let him do anything that could ruin the wedding.

Throwing a bachelor party can become a pretty stressful event, but hopefully with some of these tips, you can make it a little easier on yourself. Remember though, this is not just any party, and the groom needs to have the time of his life.

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Plan to stay sober! That's the only way to remember a fun night :P

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