How To Throw an Academy Awards Party

One of the biggest nights for show business is the Academy Awards. It is held every year and honors the brightest and best in the movie industry. Some of the highlights of the night are the awards presented to best picture of the year and best actor and actress of the year. All of the movies of the last year fight for a chance to win this prestigious award. Not only is this a big night for those involved, but movie lovers around the world watch closely to see who wins. This article will help the everyday movie watcher celebrate the Academy Awards.    

Step 1

Make a guest list. Just like any party in Hollywood, you will need to set up a guest list for your party. This does not mean you need to leave friends off, or make it a popularity contest, but open this event up to some friends of yours who you know would be interested. Be creative with this and make some unique invitations. 

Step 2

Set a dress code. To make the night as authentic as possible, you may want to impose some form of dress code. Now, I would not suggest that you make everyone go out and rent a tuxedo for the night, but it may be a good idea to ask for some type of formal dress. Plus, you guests will most likely enjoy a night to dress like a celebrity.

Step 3

Include different types of drinks. Since you are trying to make this unlike any other party, you will need to have some different drink options. Think of some fun drink ideas and of course have a few bottles of champagne around for people to sip. Drinks such as a cosmopolitan or Manhattan may make your guests feel like they are actually at one of the after parties.

Step 4

Provide light food. For this type of party you are not going to want to make stuff that is too heavy. Make some finger foods that people can munch on when hungry and do not have to formally sit down and eat. 

Step 5

Play games. There are some fun game ideas that you can do with all of your guests during the show. A great idea is to have everyone pick their choices for the various awards and then reveal them while the show is running. Have some form of prize for the winners. This keeps everyone interested and allows everyone to be involved.

Make the next Academy Awards party something fun and entertaining for all of your guests. 

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