How To Throw Pizza Dough

Bowl of dough

Italian chefs make it so easy to throw pizza dough in the air. They swirl it around and back to their knuckles then up again and sometimes lands at the other hand without dropping it on the floor. It looks so thrilling and easy since it only takes a few seconds for them to toss a pizza and neatly place it on top of a baking dish. I guess this makes everyone intrigued at how to throw pizza dough. So why not surprise your kids and do this at home? It's a really fun activity and you can make your own pizza toppings. Just follow these helpful tips:

Before calling everyone for this activity, prepare the utensils that you need, rolling pin, flour, dough and a kneading board. Clean your kitchen floor properly and make sure that there are no small objects on the floor. Or, if you do not have enough space in your kitchen, look for a wider area in your home.

Get the pizza dough and with a rolling pin, flatten it out and put a little flour. You can also flatten out the dough using your hands although it is advisable to use the rolling pin especially if you're doing this the first time. To flatten the dough using your hands, simply press the dough down and press it away from the center. Do this clockwise until you have flat circular-shaped dough ready for spinning.

Initially, you may want to make a smaller pizza and aim for a bigger size later on. An 8-inch pizza is good enough for starters then you can aim for the 12-inch later on. Again, do not get disappointed if you can't do it the first time. This takes a lot of practice.

Grab the flattened dough and put it on top of your hands in a closed fist position. Try to toss it around with your other hand acting as support for the other hand while tossing it around (clockwise or counter-clockwise). If it falls on the floor, just pick it up and try tossing it again.

If you happen to tear the dough, don't worry. All you need to do is turn it into ball-shaped dough and start again. Just keep on trying until you get the desired size and shape. Set it aside and put it on top of a pizza baking dish. You can now put your favorite toppings and bake it until it's cooked.

I love doing this with my kids especially during summer break. I make it a point to come up with a new activity every weekend. Sometimes I even invite my nephews and nieces so we enjoy as a big group. We always have a blast and they learn to be creative and resourceful while having fun. I also get them involved in cleaning after each activity. I assign each one a task and they are always happy to help. Sometimes I play music to make cleaning up enjoyable. So, go ahead and try this at home!


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