How To Use a Food Processor

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A food processor is a kitchen appliance that is used in preparing food. Food processors can be compared to blenders. The main difference between the two is that the food processor’s blades can be interchanged with different attachments. Some of the functions of food processors include slicing, shredding, mixing, chopping, grinding or pureeing. A food processor is a useful tool that you can use in the kitchen, especially if you love cooking.

Here are the steps on how you can use your food processor:

  1. Choose blade. Before using the food processor, you have to choose the appropriate blade that is needed for the food that you are going to prepare. You can use the food processor’s manual to see which blade is intended for a specific use. Be sure to attach the blade to the food processor properly.
  2. Food preparation. Wash the food that you are going to use for the hand processor. Some of the common foods that are used with processors are fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts, salad dressings and many more. Before putting the food that you are going to process, make sure that you cut out the parts that you do not want included in the mixture. This can be stalks of the vegetables or hard parts and peelings.
  3. Using the food processor. Put the food that you are going to prepare inside the food processor and make sure to put on the lid of the food processor tightly. After this, you can  turn on the food processor. Watch the contents of the container so that you can control the fineness of the chopping of the food inside the processor. If you are going to mix a salad dressing, you can use the tube on top of the food processor’s cover so that you won’t have to open the food chopper’s lid.
  4. Cleaning the food processor. After every use, you have to clean the hand blender so that you can maintain it and have it ready for the next use. When you clean, detach the blade from the cup processor so that you can thoroughly clean the inside of the container and the small spaces in between the blades. Wipe the blades with a clean cloth after using. 

These are the steps on how you can use your food processor. If you are looking for a food processor that you need for your kitchen, the best brands that you can buy from are Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid and Black&Decker. Before buying your food processor, you can go to the website so that you can compare the different brands and prices of various brands of food processors that you can buy.

You can do lots of recipes using only your food processor. You can research on some of these recipes online. Some of the websites that you can check are healthy-quick-meals.coml and These are some of the tasty and easy to do recipes that you can make with your food processor.


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