How To Use a Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

It may not come as a surprise if you are very fond of participating in late night drinking binges, which inculcate that spirit of alcohol within you. With the frenzied company of your friends you let yourself get drowned in the intoxication brought to you by drinking any alcoholic drink. However, it is sometimes burdensome and humiliating if you lose control of yourself and your friends have to take care of you and bring you back home.

Perhaps that is why drinking at your home is relatively more safe and more convenient for you. When you get tipsy, you can behave anyway you want without the thought of being watched by many people. Drinking at your home will be equally fun and worthy as drinking outside your house. As long as you have that delicious wine to drink, all is set for that drinking session. But before you dive into the pool of intoxication, you must first have a good bottle opener to get you started. Do away with jar openers, can openers and beer openers. Here are procedures you can follow in using a rabbit wine bottle opener:

Put out your rabbit corkscrew and ensure that it is in good working condition. Before using the wine opener, make sure that it is in good condition. Check the parts. Check the handles, the teeth, the replacement spiral worm and the foil cutter. See to it that the levers form the ears of the rabbit wine opener are in perfect condition. Doing these seemingly basic things will not only save you time in doing the process, but it also ensures your safety since a damaged part can cause you accidents.

Place the wine bottle in firm, solid ground. When opening the wine bottle make sure that it is firmly planted in a hard and straight plane. This makes it easier for you to open the wine. If the bottle is set out on an uneven place, it might shake while you are opening it using the rabbit opener. So always make sure that the bottle to be opened is standing on a level ground.

Prepare the gripping handles of the rabbit opener. When the bottle is set out in a solid plane, bring out the wine opener. Grab the gripping handles and make it latch on to the top of the wine bottle. This will make the process a lot easier.

Use the corkscrew of the wine opener. Hold the top handle that drives the corkscrew into the cork and make it pop out in more or less three seconds. Take control of the corkscrew and hold the two levers tightly. Twist the wine opener again to fully eject the cork from the corkscrew.

With the effortless way by which you can open wine bottles, you can always treat your visitors to a quick and hassle-free drinking session. Whenever your guests arrive in your house, you will also not lose poise in front of your guests and they will feel like you really prepared so much in welcoming them. Just follow the steps given above and learn how you can use the rabbit wine bottle opener. In the end, you will see yourself drinking more often in your house rather than outside.


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