How To Use a Screwpull

For years people have been using a corkscrew to open wine bottles, this is mainly due to the fact there was nothing else to use.  There were many problems with using a corkscrew however, they typically broke or were misplaced and even some got stuck in the cork itself and were no longer able to be used.  Due to these problems, the screwpull was soon invented.  This product takes the shape of a corkscrew but it also has a lever so that it is easier to open those expensive wine bottles.

The first thing you will want to do is use a foil cutter to cut the foil seal that is sealed around the top portion of the wine bottle.  From here you will want to raise the lever of the screwpull all the way up so that it’s in the open position.  Once this is done you will place the handles of the puller so that they grab a hold of the wine bottle.  Here you will see little black pins sticking out from the metal area of the puller itself.

Now once you see those little black pins sticking out you’re going to push the lever slowly down to the closed position.  Here is where you will want to take care in the process.  You don’t want to push down too hard and end up giving yourself a black eye or a concussion.  You will want to slowly pull the arm back up with some gentleness so that you’re pulling the cork away from the bottle.  This means that the bottle of wine will be open, but still be careful how fast you pull upwards or downwards.

Now that you have the wine bottle open, you need to be careful from here especially if your wine bottle has a genuine natural cork.  The screwpull will need to be removed from the cork so that the next time you wish to use it you won’t have to fight to get the old cork off from it.  You will want to push the arm back into the closed position, again be careful how forceful you push the arm back into place.  You really don’t want to break the screwpull the first time you use it.  Now slowly and very gently you will once again pull the lever so that the arms are in the open position, this will release your cork from the corkscrew portion of the screwpull.  Now if you have a fake cork or a synthetic cork as they are called, you will simply unscrew this type of cork by hand.  It won’t even begin to move off the corkscrew portion if you try to use the above method.  Just remember to work slowly and don’t force the cork to move, doing it slowly will ensure that you don’t strip the screwpull.


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