How To Use Espresso Machine

With the current popularity of so many trendy coffee shops, espresso is the catch word of the day.  Espresso is used to make cafe latte, cappuccino, and even cafe Americana.  Because of this trend and the economic down turn, many people are seeing the value of buying their own espresso machines and making their own coffee.  The number one thing to remember about espresso is that espresso is not a type of coffee, nor is it a type of drink specifically.  Espresso is all about how the coffee is made, and the exact pressure of the water when making this coffee. Let's get into his use of an espresso machine.

To properly use an espresso machine, you must first make sure you have a well-made espresso machine.  You should have a machine that locks when you put the coffee holder in it.  When you use a true espresso machine, the coffee holder should be metal, and it should be able to slide into the machine, turn, and lock.  When you're making your espresso, this locked coffee holder will allow the pressure to build up properly. You shouldn't be able to make more than 2 espressos at a time when you use an espresso machine. Your espresso machine must create a pressure of about 1000 kpa or 500 psi. Remember, espresso is all about the pressure of the water flowing through the granules of coffee.  Pressure, the quality and size of the coffee grounds, and the machine to put it all together make espresso the coffee it is.

Pour in about 1 cup of water for every 2 cups of espresso you'll make.  To use an espresso machine to make espresso, you need to grind the coffee beans until their texture is extremely fine.  If you are doing this in his store, use an espresso machine grinder or set the grinder for very fine.  The coffee should look almost like powder.  Place two tablespoons of the powder into the coffee holder, pack it down with a spoon or a weight, and lock it into place. 

Place a carafe or two cups underneath the dispenser.  Turn on your espresso maker and it will begin to pressurize.  When you use an espresso machine, always make sure that the cap where you put the water is tightly sealed and closed.  At the correct pressure, the water will be forced into the coffee holder and out into your cups.  Congratulations - you now know how to use your espresso machine!


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