How To Use Nectarines

Nectarines are a delicious, aromatic summer fruit that is similar in taste to the peach but without the fuzzy skin. Its fresh, summery flavor is tasty eaten raw or wonderful in desserts such as pies and pastries or jams. But the nectarine isn't limited to just desserts, use it in cocktails and fruit punches or paired with savory meals such as grilled chicken or fish, cheese trays, salads, and even stir fries.

  1. The most obvious and easiest way to use nectarines is raw. Eat them plain or in fruit salads, sprinkle sugar on them or slice them on top of your favorite breakfast cereals or into salads with some almonds. If you are making salads with nectarines, consider making your own fresh nectarine dressing to go with it. Make delicious nectarine cocktails or use them as garnishes for margaritas, sangria, daiquiris, and white wines. Or if you want non-alcoholic beverages, freeze them and make smoothies or use them as ice cubes in peach tea.
  2. Serve nectarines in desserts such as pies, pastries, cobblers, cakes, and tarts, or poach them to create delicious toppings for ice creams or puddings.  Freeze them and make your own tasty nectarine sorbets and slushies. Saute them with other fruits such as pears and apples for a hot and juicy fruit salad. Put them in pancakes, waffles, fruit kolaches, or crostatas for fabulous morning treats.
  3. Nectarines also go delightfully when used in savory meals! Grill slices of them with meats such as chicken, fish, or shrimp, try them with barbecue chicken for a wonderful southern surprise! Create summer inspired meat stews with a nectarine twist. Include them amongst other fruits in a cheese tray for your next party.  Add them to sauces for a fresh fruity kick that will knock your socks off, or use nectarine dressing as marinades to add a fruity boost of flavor to all your meats.
  4. Preserve them by making stellar nectarine jams and jellies that can be used in cakes or on toast that will taste even better than store bought preserves. Slice them and freeze them to use any time of the year! Frozen nectarines go absolutely fabulously on ice cream.
  5. Display nectarines in decorative bowls with other seasonal fruits and flowers to create gorgeous centerpieces for your table or around your home. Displaying nectarines allows you to show off their beautiful orange color and makes your home smell fragrant and amazing!


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