Make Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Fresh grape juice

The Heavenly Grapefruit. Part of the citrus family, grapefruit is a delicious fruit loaded with healthful Vitamin C.  They are tangy, tart and slightly bitter.  To learn how to make grapefruit juice, the following steps are a guideline for the freshest tasting juice:

  • Choose ripe grapefruit with no bruises
  • Rinse the fruit before using
  • Use an electric juice extractor or a manual juicer

Making Delicious Grapefruit Juice
Purchase grapefruit with yellow or, if preferred, pink and red pulps, which are slightly sweeter in taste.  To make grapefruit juice with an electric juice extractor with an automatic shutoff, simply slice the grapefruit in two sections.  Place one section in the top of the juice extractor and process as directed. Grapefruit seeds, bitter white pith and pulp are separated from the juice. For juicers without an automatic shutoff, turn the juice extractor to the "On" position.  After the juice is extracted, turn to the "Off" position to stop the juicing process.  Electric juicers are a great convenience for those who love their daily grapefruit juice. It's a good way to wake up the senses as well as help reduce high cholesterol.

The most common way to make grapefruit juice manually is to use a manual juicer.  These are available in a variety of juicer styles in plastic, glass and metal.  The process to make grapefruit juice with a manual juicer is to just squeeze the half section against the reamer in the center of the juicer.  A reamer is basically a globular shaped protrusion in the middle of the juicer that has gradient ridges that remove as much juice as possible.  This permits the juice to flow down into a container.  Seeds and some pulp remain.  Sometimes, these manual juicers are referred to as "reamers".  Reamers are also sold with small handles with the reamer at the opposite end of the handle.  There is also a slight variation of grapefruit juicers known as "presses".  These are available in manual or electric styles.  The process is to place the half section of grapefruit on top of the reamer and "press" the top down upon it. With the electric version, the top is secured with a small hasp at the front. When in place, it presses juice from the rind, pulp and seeds.

Learning how to make freshly squeezed grapefruit juice is very simple.  Grapefruit juice should be stored in glass containers.  Citric acid in grapefruit breaks down in metal or plastic when stored.


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