How To Buy Lobster Tails Wholesale

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Lobsters are a specialty seafood, with lots of lobster recipes that spell a really special gourmet treat. You name your preference, it's probably possible: lobster bisque, baked lobster, steamed lobster, grilled lobster, boiled lobster, and so many others. Now, you may just be very interested in cooking lobsters, and you're establishing yourself as a cook or a reputable seafood gourmand; or you may be planning to set up a seafood restaurant or engage in retail lobster trading. Whatever your purposes may be, here are some places where you can buy lobster tails wholesale:

Visit online trading sites. There are so many websites that offer frozen lobster tails at wholesale prices. Some of these websites include,, and You can also try out to efficiently compare lobster prices from different sellers. You may take advantage of their offers of same day or overnight delivery, as well as customized orders.

Do comparison shopping between the available rates. Remember to compare on a per pound basis; factor in the available lobster tail sizes as well. Find out how much you'll have to add for shipping and boxing, and remember to add these rates to your rates comparison.

Know that most of these websites are from the state of Maine (in the US), which is considered to be the lobster capital of the world. Their lobsters are really considered to be the best, so if providing quality food is important for you then go ahead and purchase from lobster traders in Maine. If you don't live in the US, be prepared to pay in dollars; compute for the equivalent value of the lobsters in your own currency.

You may also ask about the real weight of lobster meat versus weight of its shell, so you can estimate how much you're actually getting.

Know where lobsters are commonly caught. As mentioned above, Maine is the lobster capital of the world, and so most specialty lobsters are ordered from there. There are, however, other varieties such as the spiny lobster (smaller and less meaty; nevertheless, is also considered to be tasty) found in the waters of California, Mexico and Australia.

Knowing where lobsters are commonly found will enable you to hunt for alternative sources of live lobsters and lobster tails.

Ask specialty stores. If a seafood store near your area sells fresh or frozen lobster tails, then go ahead and inquire about their source. This way, you would know that these suppliers are reliable. If the source is a small start-up business, then you would most likely get much lower rates than if you engage in business with major trading companies.

Remember that lobster meat easily spoils, so it's very important (especially if you'd have to have it transported long distances) that you order it live. However, it's good to know that you could instead opt to purchase frozen lobster tails (remember to buy lobsters that have been frozen before they died). This could hold more appeal for you especially if you're particularly squeamish with dealing with live lobsters, or if you don't have an adequately-sized aquarium to viably hold stocks of live lobsters.


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