How To Make Blueberry Jam

Jam of blueberry

Blueberry is a fruit that is great to eat in the summertime. You can purchase blueberry jam from the supermarket or you can make your own blueberry jam that you can eat with pancakes, waffles or bread. To make your breakfast more appetizing, you can put whipped cream on top. There are some tips that you can use to make your blueberry jam the best there is.

Here are some of the tips you can use in making blueberry jam:

  1. Sanitize your jars and lids. This is one thing that some people forget about. You have to sanitize your jars and lids and not just wash them. To do this, wash the jars and lids with soap and water. Get a large pot that can fit all of your jars and lids. Put water in the pot and set your jars and lids inside.  Then bring the water to a boil.  Once the water reaches a rolling boil, let it continue for at least two minutes; then turn off the heat and let them sit for about 30 minutes or until the water has cooled enough that you can retrieve the jars and lids by hand. Dry them thoroughly before use.
  2. Choose your berries carefully. Fresh blueberries are the best to use when you want to make homemade blueberry jam. There is a difference in the taste of fresh blueberries when compared to frozen blueberries. You can pick your own blueberries from blueberry bushes at a local farm or from your own backyard if you are lucky enough to have blueberry bushes. Pick the ones that are plump and juicy and avoid picking the ones that have dents. If you don't have access to blueberries you can pick yourself, visit the local farmers' market; the vendors there will often have berries that were picked within the past 48 hours. 
  3. Be creative with other ingredients. The possibilities are endless if you are making your own blueberry jam at home. You can include other ingredients that you like with your blueberries. You can mix in small amounts of strawberries, raspberries and even acai berries. An acai berry is native to Brazil, Peru and South America. It is also said that the acai berry has qualities that are good for weight loss. You can find these other ingredients at your local farmers' market or in the grocery store.
  4. Apple peel. Blueberry jams have to have a certain consistency or thickness. In jams, this consistency is achieved with the use of pectin. Pectin thickens the consistency of the blueberry jam. If you do not have pectin available, you can use apple peels for a substitute. By using apple peels, you will be able to achieve the same consistency as pectin. Grate an apple peel (using the smallest holes on the grater) and mix the apple peel in the jam.
  5. Storage. You can make blueberry jam in bulk. Do not worry about it getting spoiled because you can store the sealed jars for up to a year. When the blueberry jam is sealed inside the container, you have to remember to store it in a dry and dark place or somewhere where it would not be hit by direct sunlight.

These are some of the tips you can use when you make your own blueberry jam at home. This is a great way to be able to eat blueberries all year round and not just in the summertime. You can also make this a small home business if you have your own blueberry bush in your backyard or access to a steady supply of blueberries during the summer months.


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