How To Make the Perfect Curry

Curry is a traditional Indian dish full of flavors and aromas. Here are some tips for making this delicious entrée at home.

Step 1

Dry fry your seeds. If you want to make the perfect curry, you've got to use the right spices. All curry recipes are a little different but basic curry includes whole spices like coriander, cumin and fennel. To bring out the full flavor of these ingredients, you should dry fry them before using them in your curry recipe. Make sure you allow them to cool.

Step 2

Grind your spices properly. Once you dry fry your spices and allow them to cool, you will need to grind your whole spices. (No, the perfect curry is not made with pre-ground spices from your grocery store. You need to do this yourself!) Grind them using a spice grinder (coffee grinder) or mortar and pestle. Traditional curry-making methods call for the use of a mortar and pestle, so if you want the perfect flavor, it's recommended that you toss modern conveniences, roll up your sleeves and use this ancient grinding tool to grind your spices. Do so until they are a fine consistency. Start first with your hard seeds, and grind them a bit. Then slowly add the next-hardest spices and continue to grind. Eventually, you'll have added your spices in order from hardest to softest, creating a lovely mixture of spices that surely fills your kitchen with tasty aromas. Grinding your spices by hand will bring out the natural oils in the spices.

Step 3

Marinate your meat beforehand. If you are making traditional South Indian curry or Malay curry, the perfect recipes require that you allow your meat to marinate in some curry powder before you cook it. Rub your meat thoroughly on both sides with this colorful spice and allow it to sit for several hours (if not overnight) to allow the flavors to absorb into the meat. The longer you can allow the meat to marinate in the curry powder, the more perfect your curry dish will be. But if you're pressed for time, a half hour of marinating time will suffice.

Step 4

Cook the curry properly. Everyone can follow a curry recipe, but the trick to perfect curry is cooking it just right. What sets one curry dish apart from another is how the curry is cooked. Cook your curry al dente, and you'll have the perfect curry dish in front of you. It's all in the pan you use to cook your curry. Use a heavy frying pan or pot that can create and maintain the right amount of heat. You don't want your curry to burn or overcook because of a thin or cheap-quality cooking vessel, so use a good-quality pan or pot when making your curry.

When your pan is properly heated, stir fry the curry paste until it is aromatic. (It may take some time to get the perfect smells going - don't rush it!) Then add in your meat. While the meat is cooking, make sure that it is fully coated in the curry powder or paste. Every surface of the meat chunks should be full of curry flavor and cooked to a perfect golden glow before you add coconut juice, yogurt or other liquids. If you can follow these tips, your favorite curry recipe will quickly turn into a perfect curry recipe.


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